Feng Shui Theory of home decoration

As we all know, home feng shui has a deep impact on our fortune, and even related to the health of our family. Therefore, home feng shui can not be ignored; So in Feng Shui, what are the complete theories of home decoration Feng Shui? The following is the relevant articles compiled by Fstips. Let’s have a look

home decoration Feng Shui

home decoration Feng Shui eight statements

1. Before decoration, carefully consider and adjust various adverse hardware patterns of Feng Shui. For example, the bedroom door flushes the door, the entrance door passes through the balcony, the beam presses the top and other unfavorable patterns. Not detailed here

2. Make the most favorable adjustment according to the location of the house type. For example, the auspicious and prosperous side of the home is used as the bathroom or guest room, but the master bedroom and study are arranged in the position of fierce decline, and the kitchen is arranged in the northwest. Such an unfavorable Feng Shui layout requires us to make the maximum adjustment in advance, and then whitewash and decorate

3. Flexibly determine the location of the family’s bedroom in combination with the fate of the male and female masters and all family members. The Lord is in power and everyone benefits. Therefore, it is generally arranged reasonably according to the principle of considering the male master first and then other members. For example, the room is arranged in the East and southeast as far as possible; Like the fire in the south, like the water in the north, like the gold in the west, like the soil in the southwest, northeast and so on. If the fate is taboo, it should not be arranged in this direction

4. Choose decoration materials in combination with the five elements of the host’s life. Choose wood as far as possible; Stone is preferred for soil; Like gold, choose metal and so on. If you avoid it, it’s better to use less

5. Reasonably and harmoniously select favorable decorative colors in combination with the fate, likes and dislikes of the family. First consider the host’s five elements of fate color, like and avoid decoration, while other members choose the color according to their own five elements of fate. Like gold: gold, white, apricot, silver gray; Camptotheca acuminata: green, cyan; Like water: blue, black; Like fire: red, purple, pink; Like soil: yellow, beige, brown, brown; Avoid it, then use less or use light colors

6. Start construction on an auspicious day and at an auspicious time to avoid an unfavorable gas field, and cut into a prosperous gas field on a favorable day to enhance family luck. Decoration construction must select auspicious days and auspicious hours according to the sitting direction of the house. Choose the auspicious day and auspicious hour. You can’t rush home to the host and family Zodiac. If there are people against the auspicious day, it is not suitable to participate in the commencement ceremony. Because the study of choosing a day is a profound and comprehensive knowledge, which must be considered in combination with timing, geographical advantages, people and various factors. It is not a lucky day to turn over the Yellow calendar and choose what is suitable for decoration. It is suggested to invite experts and teachers to select the best plan for the auspicious day and hour of decoration construction

7. The commencement ceremony must be held for decoration construction. The so-called God and man. In addition to paying attention to the auspicious location of Feng Shui and auspicious days, it is also necessary to pay attention to the commencement ceremony and get the protection of all gods, so that the construction can go smoothly and the residents can get auspicious shade protection

8. Some taboos in the decoration process should also be noted: on the day of commencement, pregnant women and filial piety should not be allowed to participate in the decoration construction; Do not allow the construction personnel to scribble on the wall, especially unlucky calligraphy and painting, dolls, and do not paint the wall directly after painting; Do not leave or bury any tools in the ceiling or hidden corner

What are the sayings of Feng Shui in home decoration?

taboo 1 in home decoration: in order to save space, many people let the three sides of the bed lean against the wall. In Feng Shui, the implication of such furnishings is very bad, which means that residents feel imprisoned in prison when they sleep in prison, and the bedroom represents a dark wealth position. If the wealth position is imprisoned, of course, the God of wealth cannot enter

taboo 2 for home decoration: in many families, ceramic tiles are generally used on the walls of toilets and kitchens, but some people will decorate in the bedroom. Over time, the ceramic tiles in the bedroom fall off, which also means that the financial games at home are bad, and it is easy to hurt people

taboo 3 for home decoration: some people don’t like to throw away the broken stoves or rice cookers and like to stack them at home at will. However, according to Feng Shui, this will make you never turn over and the God of wealth won’t find you

taboo 4 in home decoration: uneven residential specifications represent disharmony, especially when irregular rooms are used as bedrooms, it is easy to quarrel and trouble if they live for a long time. This is a big taboo in home decoration, which can be solved by layout

taboo 5 for home decoration: it was originally a window wall, but it was divided into several parts for beauty or convenience. This is easy to affect the aura of the whole house, and it is easy to do anything, resulting in many differences. It can’t be done at one go. Pay special attention to decoration

taboo 6 for home decoration: many people like to place plants and small potted plants in their bedrooms. In fact, small leaf flowers and plants are very unlucky, which will make residents fall into a trivial situation and do things repeatedly. On the contrary, large leaf and broad-leaved plants can enhance the feelings between husband and wife, enhance financial luck, make themselves handy in everything, and are easy to be favored by their superiors

the theory of rich and noble home decoration Feng Shui

the home feng shui pattern of sudden wealth: 1. Open a new door

” Door ” ; It is one of the basic points in Feng Shui. The fundamental reason for the long-term lack of wealth of some houses may sometimes be that the main air outlet of the house is not prosperous. When the house owner opens the door in the prosperous direction according to the Feng Shui principle, the house owner may get the opportunity to get rich

household Feng Shui pattern of sudden wealth: 2. Kaixin road

there is a classic saying in Feng Shui ” Mountain owner Ding Shuizhu wealth ” , It means that Feng Shui regards water as money, and road is a special form of water in Feng Shui, so it is also money. Therefore, if a new road is opened near the house, and the prosperity of good luck is achieved, it will form the opportunity for the house owner to get rich quickly; Even if the prosperity of the gas was not lucky at that time, the homeowner will have the opportunity to get rich

household Feng Shui pattern of sudden wealth: 3. Invite the God of wealth

some people see that others have benefited from inviting the God of wealth, so they also follow the big stream to invite the God of wealth. In fact, there are many exquisite ways to worship the God of wealth. If you worship indiscriminately, you may not be able to make money, but will consume money and even suffer other disasters. If the homeowner can follow the relevant principles of Feng Shui and asking God to calm his mind in inviting the God of wealth, he may get the chance of sudden wealth

Home Feng Shui pattern of sudden wealth: 4. Establish wealth position

some homeowners often see that it is difficult to get money in the process of seeking money, or there are always a lot of arrears that are difficult to recover, or the money they get soon slipped away. In Feng Shui, it is often that the external atmosphere of the house is good, while the internal Qi is blocked seriously, forming the image of difficult to get money. The first solution is to clean up the wealth and ensure the ” Static ” ; And ” Net;; Second, dredge the way of wealth and let the air of the five elements circulate indoors. In this way, money will surge like a floodgate, which is the image of sudden wealth

household Feng Shui pattern of sudden wealth: 5. Liwang mountain

as we all know, Feng Shui pays attention to hiding wind and gathering Qi. In real life, the reason why some houses are not prosperous in wealth or money is often in the pattern of large Feng Shui ” No gas accumulation ” ;. At present, with the rapid development of the construction industry, buildings have sprung up one after another. If tall buildings are built right in the prosperous mountain of houses, or “Feng Shui” is formed; Return air; In this way, the owner of the house will be able to get rich because of the help of noble people

household Feng Shui pattern of sudden wealth: 6. Jushuikou

generally, there are crossroads, trigeminal intersections or other forms of jushuikou in the south, West, northwest, or northeast of houses. As long as the time comes, there will be opportunities for sudden wealth. In addition, dignitaries will help each other and make money in multiple ways. The way of coming is more correct, the wealth is more stable, and the wealth can be kept. The Feng Shui pattern of jushuikou is characterized by rapid wealth. Once the time is ripe, it will flow again

household Feng Shui pattern of sudden wealth: 7. Changing the water level

the water level is directly related to the wealth of the homeowner. If the original water level in the house is formed in the whole Feng Shui pattern ” Go up the mountain and into the water ” ; If the pattern is, the water level will naturally form the loss and damage of the homeowner’s wealth; If the original water level in the house is rearranged at this time, it will form ” Landscape ” ; If the pattern is, one decline and one prosperity, the former decline and the latter prosperity, the wealth must form a sharp contrast, which is the image of sudden wealth formed by Feng Shui conditioning

Home Feng Shui pattern of sudden wealth: 8. Luchongmen

as we all know, in Feng Shui, it is generally believed that luchongmen is a very bad feng shui pattern, which is prone to major injuries, surgery, official and non official affairs. But everything is divided into two. In a certain sense, the Feng Shui pattern of luchongmen is an image of sudden wealth. However, behind the appearance of sudden wealth, there is often a great price. For example, the homeowner gets a large amount of compensation for a car accident; Homeowners may encounter major surgical disasters after becoming rich

household Feng Shui pattern of sudden wealth: 9. Anti bow road

this Feng Shui pattern is the same as that of Lu chongmen, which belongs to an extreme energy field. People also know that the Feng Shui pattern of anti bow road is generally not very good. However, few people know that this Feng Shui pattern can make a sudden fortune, but the performance of this pattern in financial luck is that generally, when money comes, it will go, and when it comes quickly, it will go quickly, and the sudden fortune will not last for a long time, which is the so-called ” Passing God of wealth ” ; Yes, too


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