What kind of mirror should the bathroom choose

When choosing the mirror in the bathroom, we should pay attention to not only conforming to the overall style of the bathroom layout, but also conforming to certain Feng Shui principles. As for the size of the mirror, as long as the wall of the bathroom allows, it is best to choose a larger mirror as far as possible. A larger mirror can improve people’s spirit, make people have full spirit and deal with work and study with confidence before going out

it should be noted that the mirror should be as large as possible, but not too short. It should be above the person’s upper body, and there should be a certain space above the head, so as to ensure that there is space for career development and children’s learning has a future. If the mirror is narrow, it means there is no opportunity for promotion in their career

secondly, in terms of the shape of the mirror, it is best to choose the square mirror. The square mirror represents a solid foundation and stable career. Moreover, the square mirror has a wide range and is more practical. Round and oval mirrors can also be used, but do not choose diamond or multilateral mirrors

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