Feng Shui decoration of background wall

Needless to say, many people may not know that the TV background wall at home or the background wall in the living room will affect family happiness and future. Let’s take a look at the feng shui of background wall decoration

Feng Shui of background wall decoration

Feng Shui secret collection of TV background wall decoration

orientation of TV background wall

TV background wall plays an important role in the layout of the living room, and whether the orientation is set correctly or not is very important. It is closely related to the opening position of residential doors, the placement of sofas and the setting of windows. The TV background wall cannot be placed on the wealth position. The owner of the wealth position at home is clean and stable, while the TV is noisy. In addition, the TV background wall should be placed directly in front of the sofa, or slightly offset, so the placement of the sofa can affect the orientation of the TV background wall. Sofa is the daily sitting and sleeping place of a family. It is the gathering point of the family and must be placed in the Jifang of the house. What is ” Kyrgyzstan ” ; This is related to people’s fortune telling

geomantic omen includes eight kinds of divination: Zhenming, Xun Ming, liming, Kan Ming, Kun Ming, dui Ming, Gan Ming and Gen Ming. Different divination Ming correspond to the house they live in, which are called zhenzhai, Xun Zhai, Lizhai, Kan Zhai, Kun Zhai, dui Zhai, Qian Zhai and Gen Zhai. Among them, zhenzhai, Xun Zhai, Lizhai and Kan Zhai are called the East four houses, while kunzhai, Duzhai, qianzhai and Gen Zhai are called the West four houses. For the East four houses, the sofa should be placed in the four auspicious directions of the East, Southeast, South and north of the living room. For the West four houses, the sofa should be placed in the four auspicious places in the southwest, due west, northwest and northeast of the living room. Accordingly, the TV background wall for the East four houses should be located in the four directions of due west, northwest, due north and due south, while for the West four houses, it should be best placed in the four directions of northeast, due east, Southeast and southwest. In addition, the TV background wall should not face the window or be on the wall with the window open, because this will not only physically harm the human eye vision, but also have an empty situation, symbolizing that it is difficult to gather money

plant placement of TV background wall

modern home is popular to put trees indoors, especially on both sides of the TV background wall. In terms of Feng Shui, placing some plants at home can really add vitality to the home, and some even play a role in dissolving evil spirits. However, not all plants are suitable for placement at home. Usually, thorny or needle like leaves, such as azalea, rose, cactus, etc., are not suitable for placement at home. However, some plants with luxuriant branches and leaves can be selected. The color is mainly green, and those with flowers can also be selected. Varieties include violet, evergreen, keel, HuangJinGe, etc. these plants can make the family energetic and have courage in work. However, care should be taken. If flowers and branches wither, they should be cut off as soon as possible, otherwise it indicates that the work will be blocked and the family will have bad luck. In addition, common ribbon flowers and plastic flowers can also be placed indoors. In fact, these furnishings have no life at all and have little impact on Feng Shui in the house. But be aware that if you use rockeries to set off plants, don’t buy jagged ones. This is a kind of evil spirit. Putting it at home will make people vulnerable to injury or illness. In addition, it is worth mentioning that arbors should not be placed in the center of the room, otherwise their career will be blocked and get into trouble

tone and form of TV background wall

as a part of living room decoration, the background wall must be consistent with the tone of the whole space in terms of color, because it can not only affect the appearance, but also affect the mood. Setting the color of the background wall must consider the direction of the whole living room, and the direction of the living room is mainly determined by the face of the living room window. If the window is to the south, it belongs to the South living room; If the window is to the north, it belongs to the North living room. Due east, due south, due west and due north are called ” Four positive ” , The southeast, southwest, northeast and northwest are called ” Four corners ” ;. Only by recognizing the direction can you choose the appropriate color for the background wall

in addition, the shaping form of TV background wall should also be very conservative, avoiding sharp corners and prominent designs, such as triangles, to prevent the formation of ” BRAKE ” ; Phase. Try not to make meaningless and messy segmentation of the background wall, otherwise it will cause mental tension and restlessness of the family, which will seriously endanger their health. The TV background wall should adopt the main shape of round, arc or straight linear without edges and corners. It contains the meaning of harmony and happiness, so as to make the family harmonious, happy and beautiful

sofa background wall decoration painting Feng Shui

1. The important position of sofa in the living room is like an important port of the country. It must be able to receive as much water as possible before it can flourish. A good port must have protruding bends on both sides, like the ” U”; Word. The extended bending position is like two arms holding around, and the central depression is the Qi receiving position of Feng Shui, which can store wind and gather Qi, so as to achieve the prosperity of Ding and wealth

2. There should not be a big mirror behind the sofa. People sitting on the sofa can clearly see the back of the person’s brain from the mirror, which is very bad. If the mirror is not around, the back of the brain will not reflect out of the mirror

3. If there are windows, doors or passages behind the sofa, there is no backing behind it. Psychologically, the back of the sofa is empty and lacks a sense of security. If there is really no solid wall behind the sofa, a more effective way to improve it is to put a low cabinet or screen behind the sofa, which is called ” Artificial backer, It will also play a remedial role

4. Sometimes the light in the sofa range is weak, and many people will place lights on the top of the sofa, such as downlights hidden on the ceiling or spotlights exposed outside. Because they are too close to the sofa, the light is directly from the top of the head. In terms of environmental design, there is direct light on the top of the sofa, which will make people nervous, dizzy and restless. If the lamp is modified to shoot at the wall, it can be slightly relieved

5. In terms of sofa shape, it can be divided into single sofa, double sofa, long sofa and circular sofa. In terms of materials, it can also be divided into leather sofa, cloth sofa, rattan sofa and traditional acid branch chair. In terms of color and shape, it is even more varied. The number of sofa sets in the living room is exquisite. The most taboo is one and a half sets, or the combination of two kinds of sofas

Feng Shui taboo in the decoration of the background wall of the living room

first, the orientation is very important ” mdash” mdash; Find the location of the TV background wall

how to set the living room is related to the family’s wealth, career and harmony. The space location occupied by the TV background wall is naturally very important. So how to choose the orientation of the TV background wall and where to place it need special attention

1: avoid TV background wall occupying wealth position

wealth position is the place where anger gathers in the family and a symbol of family wealth. Wealth position should be quiet, static will gather wealth, and dynamic will scatter wealth. TV is noisy, so the TV background wall should not be set on the financial position. So, how to judge where a family’s wealth is

generally speaking, the wealth position is on the left or right diagonal of the entrance, that is, when the house door is opened to the left, the wealth position is on the right diagonal; When the door of the house is opened to the right, the wealth position is on the left diagonal; In the center of the house door, the wealth position is on the left and right diagonal. In Feng Shui, it is advocated that the residential door should be opened on the left. There is a saying: the left green dragon should move and be auspicious. Some mascots can be put on the wealth position to make the wealth position in the family more vigorous

2: avoid the background wall against the window or on the wall with windows

if the TV background wall is against the window or on the wall with windows, it is not conducive to people’s physiology. Strong sunlight will stimulate people’s retina and damage their eyesight. A prosperous fortune is easy to be lost, and a prosperous fortune is easy to be lost

III: the background wall should be directly in front of the sofa

the TV background wall needs to comprehensively consider the various layouts of home feng shui in the design direction. The specific location of each house is different, but one thing is certain, that is, the TV background wall should be placed directly in front of the sofa or slightly offset. Therefore, when decorating the TV background wall, we need to first determine the placement position of the sofa, and then determine the orientation of the TV background wall. As a place for family hospitality and daily sitting and lying, the sofa should be placed properly, which is related to people’s fortune telling

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