How to orient the kitchen with five elements

When determining the orientation of the kitchen, people need to consider the five elements principle of Feng Shui. The kitchen belongs to fire, so it is appropriate to find out the matching five element orientation and avoid the contrary orientation

the kitchen has five elements effect. The Oriental and Southeast trees are bright and bright, which is conducive to the transportation of noble people and can get the support and help of others

although the southern fire helps to prosper the kitchen, it adds fire to the fire, which can only be regarded as Xiaoji

the soil in the southwest gives off fire and gas, which is unfavorable to the kitchen. The southwest is the location of the disease sign. The kitchen is the place to make food, which is easy to lead to disease from the mouth and is unfavorable to the health of the family

the pattern of gold fire and gold in the West and northwest will make luck repeat

although water in the north can overcome fire, it is convenient for water and fire here. The kitchen can keep the family safe here. The soil in the northeast is the combination of fire and soil, which is a sign of harmony

Feng Shui believes that the northwest is the dry side, which represents heaven. If the kitchen is located in the northwest, the pattern of burning the Tianmen gate will be formed. Burning Tianmen is bad for health, and the family member represented by the northwest is the father, which may cause the male owner of the family to suffer from lung or liver diseases. Therefore, the northwest belongs to the fierce side. Similarly, the stove cannot be placed in the northwest of the kitchen. From the perspective of house life chart, the orientation of star six can not set up a kitchen or stove, which is also the pattern of burning Tianmen

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