What flowers and plants are suitable for the balcony

Properly placing some flowers and plants on the balcony can not only play the role of greening and beautifying the environment, but also receive a good effect in Feng Shui, which can add a lot of beauty and interest to your life

balconies are basically open and have sufficient light on weekdays, so they are very suitable for planting colorful flowers and plants and some evergreen plants. When placing them, you can also use different methods according to your preferences, such as hanging pots, placing flowering plants on railings, placing ornamental potted plants against the wall and other combination forms to decorate the balcony. There are many plants suitable for planting on the balcony. The common ones are mainly as follows:

1, cactus

cactus is very common for everyone. It is an evergreen plant with thick and fleshy stems and dense linen covered with hard fur and needles. Put the tall cactus on the balcony. People think that this can dissolve some bad luck in the invisible

II. iron tree

iron tree is also an evergreen plant. Its leaves are narrow and long, with yellow spots in the center, which means strong. It can supplement the blood of the house. It is one of the important flourishing plants. Now, the most popular on the market is the Brazilian iron tree

III. evergreen

as soon as you hear it, you know it must be an evergreen plant. Its stem is thick, its leaves are thick and green, giving people an impression of great vitality. Evergreen leaves stretch out like thick palms, receiving Qi and blessing outward, which has a strong and prosperous effect on home feng shui

at the same time, evergreen leaves can not only shelter people from the scorching sun in the hot summer and bring a trace of coolness to the house, but also resist the cold wind outside in the cold winter. Therefore, the bigger the leaves of evergreen, the better, and the leaf surface should remain evergreen

IV. money tree

the leaves of money are round and plump, easy to grow and vigorous. It is said that it can also absorb the gold from the outside and bring better wealth to the family. Therefore, many families usually plant this plant on the balcony for good luck

v. fortune tree

this plant has strong stems, long and green leaves, is resistant to seeds and easy to survive. The whole tree is full of vitality and vitality. It is an excellent thriving plant

VI. cash cow

this plant has tall leaves, dark green color and rich atmosphere, which can bring irresistible wealth to the family

VII. brown bamboo

the stem of this plant looks thin and small, and the leaves are narrow and long. It is named because it looks like palm and the leaves are like bamboo. The traditional saying is that planting brown bamboo on the balcony can keep the house safe

VIII. rubber tree

the trunk of this plant is straight and straight, the leaves are plump and shiny, the fecundity is very strong and easy to plant, and the southern folklore that putting rubber trees on the balcony will bring good luck to the house

IX. jade Unicorn

the shape of the whole plant is horizontally extended and looks like a stone mountain. It looks stable and powerful from the appearance and can stabilize the mind

X. keel

compared with other plants, the shape of keel is very unique. The stem is tall and straight and grows upward. It looks like an upright dragon backbone. It is always full of strength and has a very strong resistance to bad luck

11. rose

this is a plant with bright colors. Its flowers are gorgeous and colorful. Although it is beautiful, it has very hard thorns. It is a kind of protection for itself, which is awe inspiring and inviolable. Roses can be used not only to decorate the balcony, but also to indicate that the homeowner is inviolable. They are suitable for families with more female members

12. Rhododendron

the distance between the flowers is dense, and the flowers themselves have sharp thorns. They have strong vitality and are easy to plant. They are a good festive plant and can bring vitality to the house

generally, the plants with the function of growth and prosperity are tall and strong, and the thicker the leaves are, the better the green is, such as the iron tree, evergreen, money tree, rubber tree, brown bamboo and fortune tree mentioned above. Most of the so-called plants that dissolve bad luck are thorny stems or flowers and leaves to rush the bad luck, which is prohibitive in appearance, so as to protect the house, such as cactus, rose, Rhododendron, etc

if the balcony of the house is surrounded by a very bad environment, with sharp corner shooting, direct street shooting, street anti bow, or facing temples, hospitals and cemeteries, some plants that can resolve the bad luck must be placed. After all, a good home feng shui often brings good luck to residents

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