How to improve the balcony facing the kitchen

Feng Shui believes that the balcony is facing the kitchen, which is a kind of ” Pierce the heart ” ; Pattern, it will weaken the function of family reunion

the balcony is facing the kitchen. Solution:

1 Make flower racks, plant climbing vines or place some potted plants to isolate the inside and outside

  2. On the moving line between the balcony and the kitchen, put a cabinet or screen as a cover on the premise that it does not affect the actions of the family

everyone needs a quiet and peaceful living atmosphere. If the outside world interferes with this quiet and peaceful life through the balcony, will you feel uncomfortable? This is like a person living in full view of the public, his words and deeds are monitored and controlled by others, which will not make people feel relaxed and comfortable. Therefore, when choosing a house, we must seriously and comprehensively consider the orientation of the balcony

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