How to dissolve the balcony facing the door

The feng shui of balcony orientation is not only determined by the external orientation, but also closely related to the orientation of balcony in the house

if the balcony is facing the entrance and exit door of the house, it forms a so-called “Feng Shui”; Pierce the heart ” ; Situation. From the perspective of real life, the door of the house is opposite to the balcony, which is not conducive to the protection of family privacy. Whenever someone goes in and out and opens the door, people outside can see the balcony at a glance and have a panoramic view of the whole house. This is obviously not good

the balcony is facing the door. Solution method: :

1 Make a porch cabinet that can coordinate with the living room and use it to block between the gate and the balcony

  2. Put a fish tank at the entrance of the gate, which can also be replaced by a screen

  3. Make a balcony window or plant some potted plants and climbing vines to block the balcony

  4. It is also a simple and feasible way to draw the curtain for a long time

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