Interior decoration Feng Shui for girls

If there is Interior decoration Feng Shui suitable for girls , girls’ life is as happy as flowers. Under the care of their parents, they grow up in a dream, and mix and match the romantic lace clothes of invincible young women to create a sweet princess

girls’ interior decoration Feng Shui

Interior decoration Feng Shui that can lose weight

in the northern position of bedroom interior decoration Feng Shui, place a pot of green soil planting to drain the water of the north with civil engineering. If the water is too abundant, it is easy to get fat! Therefore, we can place a pot of green soil planting in the north of the bedroom area. Green belongs to wood, and both wood and soil can block (drain) water, and civil engineering can block the water in the North (fat position), so as to achieve the effect of restraining obesity

Interior decoration for girls Feng Shui

1. A fresh and lively bedroom is suitable for little girls. The pink bedroom is simple and beautiful

2. It is precisely because benefiting women is unfavorable to the Feng Shui pattern of men’s bedroom, so this bedroom is not suitable for married couples to live in, because for couples, the aura like the master wife is too strong, which makes the husband lose face, difficult to have a foothold, and it is difficult for couples to speak for a long time. It is precisely because benefiting women is unfavorable to the Feng Shui pattern of men’s bedroom, so it is not suitable for older unmarried women, especially leftover women, to live in this bedroom. Otherwise, it is inevitable that they will become leftover fighters

3. The wrong position of the head of the bed may also lead to the failure of your relationship. The head of the bed faces the door, the back of the head of the bed is empty, or there is a hanging cabinet on the top of the head of the bed, which will affect your relationship. For many renters in big cities, this situation is very common. Because the house is too small, it is difficult to avoid this kind of phenomenon, which can be resolved by placing mascots behind the bedside

4. If the little girl lives, the tiger is wide and the dragon is narrow, which is the cute image of the little girl, the tiger is dynamic and the dragon is quiet, which is the willful, naughty and lively image of the little girl, and the tiger is bright and the dragon is dark, which is the sunny and upward side of the little girl; There are many round objects on the edge of the tiger, which is easy for little girls. She is a perfectionist who pursues perfection; The bedside support is not solid, which can exercise the independence of little girls from another side; Bedroom color is slightly dignified for little girls. It is easy to develop the two sides of little girls’ personality, that is, there is a dynamic side and a calm time. Of course, the pattern of the background wall at the head of the bed will also add some troubles to the girl’s life. However, if the girl’s future life plan is to take the road of art, this background pattern can improve the girl’s association ability and lay a good foundation for the girl’s future career development

6. Pink gauze curtain and pink armchair, as well as pink cushion with broken flowers or geometric patterns, set off white wooden strip walls and old wooden floors with pink of different materials and levels, giving off a sweet smell. It is suitable for sweet and lovely young women

7. Soft pink, milky white and white are used alternately. Let the bedroom exude feminine flavor. At the same time, the restrained pink element also avoids the end of the pink nightmare in the bedroom, which is elegant and calm, suitable for confident and generous women

8. Wrap the mini potted plants with beautiful wrapping paper and tie a bow, which is a unique dining table decoration, which is both feminine and unique. The party with girlfriends is suitable for petty bourgeoisie who like sentiment

eat a fixed amount of food, eat eight times full, go to bed and get up early, get enough sleep, eat less fried high calorie, fat, sugar, starch or junk food, eat more vegetables, fruits and alkaline food, eat less acidic food, have regular morning exercises every week, and add indoor decoration Feng Shui suitable for girls. It’s difficult to be neither beautiful nor thin. Beautiful girls, hurry up

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