What should Feng Shui pay attention to in the study

When many people decorate their homes, they often only focus on the design of living rooms, bedrooms and other locations, and forget the importance of study design. In fact, a good feng shui study is not only conducive to career development, but also conducive to further study and promotion. If your home is shallow and narrow and there is no study, you can also apply the following Feng Shui Tips to your desk, which can also help you get better grades in the workplace or study

see the window nearby

the study is a place for thinking. In order to avoid affecting the thinking, the window of the study should be large and sunny, and should not be covered by curtains for a long time. Otherwise, it is easy to feel tired and the thinking is difficult to be clear when you bury your head in work; In addition, the window should be on the left side of the desk (green dragon position), the right side of the desk (white tiger position) and the rear. Otherwise, it will form a hand shadow and affect learning

the seat with the back against the solid wall

the desk should never turn back to or face any door, otherwise the rush of the door will lead to people’s inability to concentrate, lack of patience, poor memory or weakened understanding. The best arrangement is back against or facing the solid wall; If the actual situation does not permit, if you back to the door, you can choose a high back chair or put a bookcase as a remedy; As for the desk facing the door, it can only be closed for a long time to avoid the evil spirit

use more green and avoid deep color

the representative color of Wenchang is green, so green should also be used in the study, so as to make people regular and organized, and also increase the chance of success; The heavy color series such as black, gray or dark blue are easy to make people feel pressure and lose interest in work or study, so avoid using them

invisible beam

the beam should not be pressed on the desk and seat, otherwise it will make people nervous and prone to physical problems

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