What’s particular about Feng Shui in the kitchen

The kitchen is a place for cooking meals and is also a very important place in charge of the health of the family, so its Feng Shui layout can never be ignored

avoid in the center of the house

the kitchen is a fire. If it is located in the center of the house, wait like ” Burn the heart, The health of family members is easily affected. Of course, the kitchen should be set at the auspicious position, but if the auspicious position is not found without the investigation of feng shui master, the more appropriate way is to set it at the corner of the house, that is, the position next to the gate

avoid the connection between kitchen and toilet

in order to save space, some houses will seal the toilet door near the kitchen, and open a door in the kitchen for access to the toilet, that is, it becomes the design of entering the toilet through the kitchen first. In this way, the living room can have a little more space to place furniture. However, in fact, the kitchen belongs to fire and the toilet belongs to water. If the kitchen and toilet are connected and share a door, it will form ” Water and fire collide ” ; The pattern of; In addition, the foul gas from the toilet will also penetrate into the kitchen, which will hinder hygiene and make the family vulnerable to gastroenteropathy

avoid open kitchen

many new houses like to change the kitchen and hall into open design, that is, there is no solid wall separation, and the situation in the kitchen can be seen no matter in the living room or dining room. This practice can make the house feel more spacious. However, from the perspective of Feng Shui, the open kitchen makes the stove leak out, which will make the family’s ability to gather money weak; In addition, when frying food in an open kitchen, the oil fume is easy to spread into the living room. Even if you use a range hood, you can’t completely suck the oil fume away. Therefore, the smell of oil fume often remains in the living room, which is harmful to the home environment and personal health

avoid the conflict between kitchen and toilet

if the kitchen door is opposite to the toilet door, it will form ” Water and fire collide ” ; Although the impact is not as great as the connection between kitchen and toilet, family members are also prone to skin diseases or gastrointestinal sensitive diseases

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