How to pay attention to kitchen Feng Shui

Basically, Feng Shui is emphasized everywhere in our life. Basically, everyone pays attention to some stresses and matters in Feng Shui. It is precisely because Feng Shui is the root of our fortune and destiny, and it is precisely because the saying often says ” One life, two fortunes and three Feng Shui ” , Therefore, people pay more attention to Feng Shui. Among them, Feng Shui in the kitchen is also an aspect that we need to pay attention to in home feng shui. What are the precautions for small Feng Shui in the kitchen? Let’s see what the relevant articles say

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What are the precautions for kitchen sink Feng Shui?

I. kitchen sink Feng Shui

Feng Shui ” Eater, Lu Ye ” , It is said that the kitchen is where the family’s wealth lies. The feng shui of the kitchen is an indispensable part of the whole household Feng Shui layout. The most important thing about Feng Shui in the kitchen is the placement of stove and sink

1. The sink is used for cooking preparation or aftermath work such as washing dishes and dishes. The stove is the tool used in cooking and should be placed side by side for the convenience of residents. The sink should be placed on the left of the stove to facilitate ordinary people to take water with their right hand. Taking water as money is ” Get rich ” ; Meaning

2. The most ideal position for the stove and sink is near the north wall, that is, sitting north to south, because geomantic omen always takes the north magnetic field as the best. The stove and sink near the north are conducive to gathering the vitality in the north to help the family prosper. The ideal sitting direction is to sit from west to East, that is, to be placed by the west wall, which can welcome the purple gas from the East and is also beneficial to family transportation

3. The most unfavorable position is to sit from east to west, that is, close to the east wall, which should be avoided as much as possible, because the west is the Yin returning position, which is a negative magnetic field unfavorable to the residents’ health. If you have to choose this position, it is recommended to place a set of five emperors coins in the wall behind the stove, or lay a red colloidal carpet (carpet decoration effect drawing) on the floor in front of the stove to dissolve the adverse magnetic field in the West

4. The stove symbolizes fire and the sink symbolizes water. The two are the core of the kitchen. The placement of other objects should be based on the two, which are appropriate but not conflicting. Such a layout can create a Feng Shui Kitchen conducive to the prosperity of the family

5. The sink and the stove cannot be opposed. The water vapor generated by the sink is opposite to the fire gas of the stove, so the stove cannot be opposed to the sink or refrigerator. The stove should not be close to the sink, nor should it be independent in the center of the kitchen, because the fire in the center of the kitchen is too strong, which will lead to the loss of family harmony

II. The solution of the kitchen sink and gas stove facing each other

the five elements generate and overcome each other, water and fire collide with each other, and the gas stove faces the sink or is connected in a straight line, which is not good in Feng Shui. The stove in the kitchen cannot be close to or adjacent to the pool, because there will be water and fire, which will be dangerous, the career will not be smooth, and the husband and wife’s emotion will be prone to contradictions, resulting in family discord

crack method: since the water pipe is generally fixed, change the position of the gas stove, or cut it off, or it is not right, and increase the distance

Feng Shui in small kitchen must pay attention to

first, the sewer is blocked

the kitchen generally represents the hostess’s fortune in Feng Shui. If the sewer is blocked, it will easily affect the hostess’s health fortune in Feng Shui

kitchen Feng Shui must pay attention to

Second, water and fire do not shoot

the kitchen is fire and the bathroom is water. These two can not be opposite, otherwise it is unfavorable in Feng Shui, and in the kitchen, the stove or stove fire should not be directly opposite to the faucet. Try not to face them directly, which is easy to be harmful to health

III. stove location

the most important thing in the kitchen is the stove, but the location of the stove on Feng Shui is very important. Generally, it is best to open the door without visible fire [the door here refers to the door] and do not put it in the middle of two pools

kitchen Feng Shui must pay attention to

IV. do not put mirrors in the kitchen

mirrors are things that should not be put casually in the home. It is best not to put mirrors in the kitchen, especially behind the stove. There can be no mirror to reflect the fire, [smooth glass can also be regarded as half of the mirror] this is easy to make the house uneasy in Feng Shui and take more bad luck

v. the stove is pressed

if there are beams on the stove, it is mostly unfavorable to suppress wealth or health [this is often seen in irregular buildings, which is rare in ordinary houses]

however, in some companies, in order to facilitate employees to have lunch, they often provide equipment such as induction cooker, which is always easy to make such mistakes. This kind of problem is common in the company during the geomantic investigation of ditian. The induction cooker is equivalent to a stove, Employees cannot use it in the corner

VI. avoid the wind in the stove

avoid the wind and fire in Feng Shui. On the one hand, there are potential safety hazards and on the other hand, it will play the role of breaking money. But also to avoid the kitchen is not ventilated

kitchen Feng Shui must pay attention to

VII. The room type should be straight

the kitchen should be square and square, and rectangular or square is better. However, if your kitchen is deformed for various reasons, you can put a cabinet in a suitable place, so that the room can become medium gauge and medium distance

VIII. Avoid the existence of toilets in the kitchen

this pattern will appear in old-fashioned houses. During Feng Shui exploration, ditian residents found that there are many old houses in many places. Now, cooking outside is the bathroom. This house type must hang curtains or place plants on the toilet door to form a gas field separation

IX. straight line is the most taboo

there is a kind of Feng Shui that is the most taboo, that is, if the door, kitchen door and stove are three-point and one-line, this pattern is easy to lead to disadvantages and great losses to health and wealth

X. open kitchen

now many small households will choose the structure of open kitchen, but it is easy to not gather gas and the fire is unstable. Moreover, if the window behind the stove is easy to leak money, you can decorate the back of the stove with khaki, which can appropriately avoid the above problems

What are the top ten precautions for Feng Shui in the kitchen

1. Avoid cross between water and fire. The water here refers to the toilet and the fire refers to the kitchen. The ancient book says: water and fire leave no crosshairs. It means that there should be no kitchen and toilet in the front, back, left and right of the house and in the center of the house

2. The kitchen area should not be less than 4m2, otherwise it is difficult to ensure the basic operation requirements

3. Knives and sharp tools in the kitchen shall not be exposed. All kinds of kitchen knives or fruit knives in the kitchen should not be hung on the wall or inserted on the knife holder. They should be put in the drawer. Garlic, pepper and onion should not be hung in the kitchen, because these things will absorb Yin Qi

4. The stove cannot be directly adjacent to the sink and refrigerator. The water vapor produced by the sink and refrigerator conflicts with the fire gas of the gas stove. The gas stove should not be close to the refrigerator or sink. The two should not be connected, and there should be a cooking table in the middle to avoid water and fire

5. The kitchen cannot be set between bedrooms. The kitchen must not be set between two bedrooms, forming a situation of two competing for kitchen. In addition, various pipelines such as gas, water and electricity are densely distributed in the kitchen, which is very dangerous and also produces a large amount of dirt and waste gas, which is naturally unfavorable to the people living in the first bedroom on both sides; Duplex houses and other kitchens cannot be bedrooms, which is harmful to health

6. The stove should not face the door or back to the window. You can’t see the stove directly when you enter the door, especially if there are windows behind the stove. The stove is the source of three meals for a family, and Feng Shui emphasizes ” Eater, Lu Ye ” , In other words, the stove is where a family’s wealth lies. The stove should avoid the wind, because when the wind comes, the fire is easy to go out, which can’t keep the wealth and is not safe. Therefore, it is not suitable to face the door or back to the window

7. The kitchen should not be equipped with toilet or worker’s room

8. Mirrors should not be hung in the kitchen, especially the mirror can not reflect the fire. If the mirror is hung on the wall behind the stove and reflects on the food in the pot, it will be particularly harmful. This is called ” Tianmen fire ” , Will cause fire or misfortune to the house. Although this statement is somewhat absolute, it is true that it will make people uneasy

9. Do not put the washing machine in the kitchen. Some people will put the washing machine in the kitchen, which is not good. The ancients regarded the kitchen as the place of the kitchen king, which is particularly sacred. Washing unclean clothes in the kitchen affects luck

10. Avoid being opposite to the toilet. The gas stove shall not face the toilet or the toilet in the toilet, although the partition wall is not allowed

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