Feng shui knowledge of home wall decoration

Home decoration is a trivial and troublesome thing, but home decoration also needs to pay attention to the knowledge of Feng Shui. The decoration of any link and any detail in the home must be carried out according to the knowledge of Feng Shui; Among them, the decoration of home walls also needs to pay attention to Feng Shui! In that case, you might as well learn some feng shui knowledge of wall decoration

the wall should not be uneven

vicious people like to decorate some more ” Personality ” ; Like your own walls, they look more three-dimensional, but in fact, from the perspective of Feng Shui, too three-dimensional walls look very uneven, and uneven walls will damage the Feng Shui aura of your home! In other words, such a decoration style is very inappropriate from Feng Shui, and will even destroy the home feng shui aura, which will damage our development! Therefore, young people can’t decorate uneven walls in order to pursue personality

choice of wall color

choice of color is also a very important event. The color of wall determines not only the style and atmosphere of home, but also the feng shui of home. Different colors create different home atmosphere and bring different Feng Shui effects. Therefore, the color selection of walls also needs to pay attention to relevant feng shui knowledge in decoration. According to Feng Shui, you can’t use pink, black and red on the wall, and you can’t use more than three colors on one wall

first of all, pink walls will provoke some rotten peach blossoms, which has a serious impact on the feelings of married couples; Secondly, red and black belong to the color from Yin to Yang. Their red and black colors are too deep, which will have a negative impact on people’s mood and lead to poor family luck! In addition, using more than three colors on one wall will make the whole home look very ” Messy ” , It will also give the family a dazzling feeling, which is not conducive to the mental health of the family

generally speaking, some elegant colors are suitable for home walls, such as yellow, white, etc. these colors are more in line with Feng Shui aura and can also be conducive to the improvement of family fortunes. It can be seen that there are many Feng Shui exquisite and knowledge in the color of the wall

choice of wall wallpaper

in today’s home decoration, wallpaper is very commonly used. Many people will use wallpaper to replace traditional paint at home to reduce the harm of chemical residues to human body. But in fact, the choice of wallpaper also needs to pay attention to feng shui knowledge! Among them, the pattern selection of wallpaper needs to be worried. It is taboo to use some unlucky wallpaper in Feng Shui. If the pattern of wallpaper is unlucky, it will have a great impact on home feng shui

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