How to dissolve the wall column of the living room

The wall column is the column connected with the wall under the roof beam. The understanding of wall columns in Feng Shui is also similar to that of beams. Therefore, when talking about residential Feng Shui, we should not ignore wall columns. Like the beam, the wall column bears a large part of the weight of the house, but it is not considered an auspicious thing in Feng Shui

firstly, the wall column will affect the shape of the living room of the residence. The shape of the living room was originally square, but the appearance of the wall column made the living room protrude two corners

secondly, the wall column is easy to give people a sense of tension, because it bears most of the strength of the house, and the surrounding air field is relatively tense and depressed. Some people think that the wall column has a sense of thickness, and it is very appropriate to put the sofa in front of the wall column. In fact, it is not. The sofa is where people often sit, and the strength of the wall column is very strong. It is difficult for ordinary people to bear such strength for a long time, which is very unfavorable to the health of their families. The best way is to block the wall columns with display cabinets and decorative frames, so that the overall shape of the living room will not be damaged

in addition, some mascots of the town house can be placed on the display cabinet or decoration rack, such as lions, goblins and other spirit beasts, which can well bear the power of the wall column, and residents will feel more secure when taking and placing items in front of the cabinet

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