Children’s unfilial home decoration Feng Shui

Filial piety comes first. Parents put a lot of effort into the growth of their children. Unexpectedly, they don’t care about it. As a result, female unfilial. In addition to the excessive doting of parents on their only child, home decoration Feng Shui of unfilial children is also common

home decoration Feng Shui leading to children’s unfilial

children’s unfilial decoration Feng Shui

the pendant chandelier reduces the visual space between the flowering board and the ground, so if it is set on the seat, it will bring heavy psychological depression to the occupant, and it is even worse if there are sharp corners at the hem. Because lighting plays a role of embellishment, if the house is small, but choose huge lighting, in addition to violating the principle of spatial layout, there are ” Out of order ” ; That is to say, make children pampered at home, unfilial and rude, and the deployment of luminosity should be clear

1. If the house is just the children’s room in the northwest or southwest of the house, it will lead to the reversal of generations and easy to constitute unfilial children

2. If the house lacks the east or southeast corner, it is easy to lead to children’s poor learning, and then have a rebellious mood against their parents’ strict pleading

3. If there is a lack of Wenchang position at home, or Wenchang position is in a bad state, such as toilet, kitchen, etc., it will be beneficial to the growth of children and lead to difficulties in communication between parents and children. Every family is different, and house Wenchang and LiuNian Wenchang are different

4. There are paintings that shouldn’t be hung at home. For example, friends who belong to horses at home hang a picture of ten thousand horses mute. Then, calculate and add yourself. If the number of horses is a multiple of five, children often don’t obey

5. If the northwest or southwest, due east or southeast of the house happens to be the toilet or warehouse, so that there are garbage cans, pet nests, etc., it will constitute the phenomenon that children are easy to disobey their parents

6. There will be problems when you go to the wrong place. Some parents take their children to see the world. As a result, they are self defeating. For example, taking photos with ancient palaces, Centennial pagodas and old trees will cause children’s aura disorder, resulting in the phenomenon of unfilial respect for their parents

7. The house you live in lacks northwest corner or southwest corner, which is easy to cause children’s rebellion against their parents

8. The above is about a house. If we enter the child’s bedroom, the situation is similar. For example, in the child’s bedroom, similarly, the northwest represents the location of the father and the southwest represents the location of the mother. If these locations are toilets and garbage cans, it will naturally lead to children’s disrespect and unfilial behavior

pity the hearts of parents all over the world. Therefore, the best way for parents not to be bullied by their children and not to die well is not to spoil and adjust their children’s unfilial home decoration

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