What color is the sofa in the living room? Feng Shui is good

Sofa is the protagonist in the living room. Many people buy sofas according to their own preferences. Sofa color also has a great relationship with Feng Shui. If the color of sofa is not good, the second sister will affect the relationship between her family. So, what color is the sofa in the living room? Feng Shui is good ? Let’s analyze the relationship between sofa color and Feng Shui

what color is the sofa with good feng shui?

the selection of Feng Shui on the sofa in the living room is very important to the color of the sofa

basic knowledge of Feng Shui on a good feng shui sofa

what kind of sofa is good for home feng shui? This is the first thing we should know. If we buy the sofa incorrectly, the taboo of placement can play a greater role

1. Choose the right sofa color

the sofa color is bright and bright, which can attract money most. Bright yellow, gold, purplish red, silver, emerald green and brick yellow are all auspicious colors for fortune. You can make more use of these six colors, sofa cushion or cushion

2. Choose the right sofa material

many people buy sofas in pursuit of leather. In fact, sofas made of fabric and cotton and linen are the most lucky because their material can absorb more wealth as if they can breathe

3. Choose the right sofa shape

the sofa should be square or round. These two shapes of sofa are not only conducive to the rational use of space and shorten the distance between family members, but also will not produce adverse magnetic field. The square and round sofa can withstand the transformation of prosperity and decline, and can maintain the good fortune of the family

4. Select the number of sofa sets

the number of sofa sets in the living room is very particular. It is most forbidden to use one and a half sets, or use both kinds of sofas

in order to make the sofa more convenient, we can’t put the sofa casually. So, what are the taboos of sofa placement? The following small editor teaches you to see the moves and break down the moves to resolve the bad feng shui

taboo 1: sofa beam pressing top

the living room is different from the bedroom. If the bed has beam pressing top, only one or two people sleeping in the bed will be injured. However, if there is beam pressing top on the sofa, it means that a family is pressed by bad luck, the size of the family will be affected, so it must be avoided as much as possible

solution: if you really can’t move the sofa, you can put open the transportation bamboo on the tea table on both sides of the sofa, and use the continuously growing and rising transportation bamboo to dissolve the top of the beam

taboo 2: the sofa is facing the door

if the sofa is in a straight line with the door, it will form a Feng Shui Bureau called hedging, which will do great harm to home feng shui

solution: in this case, it’s best to move the sofa to avoid colliding with the door. If there is no place to move, you have to put a screen between the two, so that the air flowing into the house from the gate will not go straight to the sofa. If the sofa faces the door, it will not be a big problem, and there is no need to put a screen to dissolve it

taboo 3: there is no back behind the sofa

saying there is no back behind the sofa does not mean there is no back, but there is no solid wall. If there is support behind the back, there is no worry about the future, which is in line with the way of Feng Shui. If there are windows, doors or aisles behind the sofa, and there is no solid wall to be reliable, it is equivalent to that there is no backer behind the sofa. It is empty and empty, showing a situation of scattered leakage, and it is difficult to keep prosperous gas. In terms of modern psychology, the sofa has no back, which makes people lack a sense of security. There is always a sense of being attacked behind. It’s better to lean back against the wall

sofa color and Feng Shui of furnishings

sofa is the protagonist of living room furnishings. The placement and color selection of sofa is not only a soft decoration skill, but also closely related to Feng Shui of living room. For example, many families like to use large mahogany chairs, even carved dragons and phoenixes on the armrests and back of the chairs, coupled with dark colored marble, which is placed in the large living room, which is easy to cause a sense of oppression of space and disharmony of Feng Shui in the living room. Because marble (biotite, dolomite and serpentine) are materials with high Yin Qi, coupled with the fiery red wood color, the two collide, resulting in endless disputes between right and wrong in families. At this time, it is best to replace it with more masculine materials, such as fabrics, sofas made of cotton and linen. The colors are bright and beautiful. Bright yellow, gold, purple, silver, emerald green and brick yellow are all auspicious colors for luck and wealth. You can make more use of these six colors, sofa cushion or cushion

the layout of the sofa and chair is also exquisite. The positional relationship between the master seat and the main wall is very important. It is best to have a wall behind the sofa, which implies a long-term backer. If you can overlook the beautiful scenery from the front window, it is better; If there is no wall behind the sofa as a backer, financial problems are easy to occur. The position of the master’s chair must be able to see the distant view outside. If the exterior view is poor, it can be decorated with flowers and potted plants, so as not to affect the master’s position at home and career

for example, a couch can be placed on both walls of the living room. If you don’t know which side is the main wall, you can judge it by the following methods:

(1) behind the wall are toilets and kitchens, which should not be the back of the main wall

(2) the exterior wall is behind the wall, which is easy to be exposed to the sun and rain, so it is not suitable to be the main wall

(3) the furnishings of the sofa should be arranged towards the prosperous side

the sofa is often arranged with the tea table. If the tea table is made of stone or glass, it is a symbol of stability and power. If it is placed in the northwest corner of the house, it represents the stable foundation of the male owner’s career. If it is in the southwest corner, the hostess of the home will be in power, and the tea table made of metal material is not easy to be wet, and gold plating can also attract wealth

What are the colors of the living room sofa?

first, the color of the living room furniture Feng Shui

the color of the living room furniture is affected by the orientation of the living room. The color of the living room furniture in the east of the house should preferably be white, earthy yellow and coffee; The living room furniture in the south of the residence should preferably be yellow or log color; The color of the living room furniture sitting in the west of the house is best to choose the white department, which makes the living room bright and makes the people living here intelligent; The color of the living room is the best for those who live in it and work in it

II. Living room sofa color Feng Shui

1. Set the sofa color according to the five elements

living room sofa color Feng Shui should be determined according to the five elements numerology. The five elements belong to gold and should be mainly white; Five elements belong to wood, mainly cyan; It belongs to water, mainly black; It belongs to fire, mainly red; It belongs to soil, mainly yellow and coffee

2. The living room sofa adopts masculine materials

the color of the living room sofa is not only personal favorite, but also selected according to Feng Shui. The color of the sofa in the living room should not be mahogany and marble. These are materials with strong Yin Qi. Coupled with the fire red wood color, over time, disputes between right and wrong will emerge one after another, and there will be no peace of mind and body. If Yang materials are used, such as bright yellow, gold, purple, etc., they can also recruit money for the director

III. The color of the tea table in the living room is Feng Shui

choose the color of the tea table suitable for you according to your destiny, so that you can make the tea table Feng Shui good, so that the Feng Shui in the living room can also become very good, so that you can transfer your fortune

the color of the tea table can be green; Those who like earth and fortune can choose yellow series; Like gold fortune, white coffee table is a good choice; For those who like fire and fortune, purple and red series can be selected for the tea table; For those who like water and fortune, the color of tea table can choose blue and black series

IV. living room seat color Feng Shui

some families will place big red wood chairs in the living room. If the big red wood chairs are matched with dark marble floors, it will give people a depressing feeling. Therefore, if the marble floors are laid at home, it is best not to choose big red wood chairs, but can choose cloth sofas with bright colors, which will bring good fortune to the family

v. the color of the living room porch is Feng Shui

the color of the living room porch is light and elegant. It is not suitable to choose heavy and dark colors, otherwise it will give people a depressing feeling. The porch of the living room is decorated with blue, which makes the first thing you see at home feel very comfortable. Over time, it can be a harmonious family relationship. The light of the porch is dark and the space is narrow. Light and bright colors are preferred. If the porch is spacious enough, you can also choose rich and festive colors. It’s best to get to the point

VI. color Feng Shui of living room display cabinet (decorative frame)

what is the stress of color Feng Shui of living room display cabinet? According to Feng Shui, if the color is not correct, the color will not be harmonious and will have evil spirit. The color of the display cabinet in the living room can be cyan, which is equivalent to the mild spring and the color of the sprouting of wood leaves; Red, equivalent to hot summer, is the color of fire burning; Yellow, equivalent to soil, is the color of scholars; White, equal to cool autumn, is the color of metallic luster; Black is equal to the cold winter. It is water and the color of the abyss. The simplification is that the wood is cyan, the fire is red, the scholar is yellow, the gold is white, and the water is black

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