What color is the best for the living room carpet

Carpet is an important decoration for home layout. Especially in the living room, the carpet covers the largest area, which can beautify the floor of the living room and improve financial luck. The selection of carpet should not only meet your own preferences, but also be generous and durable in visual effect, coordinate with the decoration style of the living room, but also comply with certain Feng Shui principles

here is a brief introduction to the method of choosing carpet color according to the attributes of different directions of the living room:

the South belongs to fire. You can choose red carpet. Red represents festivity, enthusiasm and enterprising. Laying red carpet in the south of the living room can make the family full of vitality and joy

the East and Southeast belong to wood. Green wavy carpets can be selected. Green represents vitality and can make the family prosperous. Developed career

the southwest and northeast belong to the soil, and the yellow carpet can be selected. These two directions are mainly about wisdom and marriage. Combined with the yellow carpet, the family can be intelligent, the love of husband and wife, the harmony of piano and harp, etc

the West and northwest belong to gold, so white or gold carpets should be used, which is conducive to wealth and happiness

the North belongs to water, so blue carpet should be selected. The north is the main business. If you want to flourish or find a good job, you can lay blue carpet in the north of the living room

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