How should Wenchang tower be placed

Some ancient cities often set up a Wenchang tower in the Wenchang position of the city. It is said that such places often produce a lot of talents. The main function of Wenchang tower in geomantic omen is to bring prosperity and fame, so it is loved by people. The Chinese mascot can not only bring prosperity into play, but also play an effective role in the modern geomantic omen

Wenchang tower has seven floors, nine floors and eleven floors. Residents can choose the most suitable floors according to their five elements. The five elements belong to fire and wood, and seven layers can be selected; Five elements belong to gold and earth, and nine layers can be selected; The water of the five elements can choose the eleventh floor

Wenchang tower is most suitable to be placed in the study, and its gas field is the most corresponding to the study, which can improve the transportation of the whole study

If Wenchang tower is placed on the desk, the desk used by men should be placed on the left; The desk used by women should be placed on the right

the desk that the family can use is placed on the left. In order to increase the prosperity of Wenchang tower, Wenchang tower should be placed in a place with better daylighting, because Wenchang Xingjun prefers light

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