Feng Shui taboo on the placement of household appliances

With the continuous improvement of everyone’s living standards, there are many electrical appliances in every family, such as washing machine, air conditioner, refrigerator, electric fan, etc. usually when these household appliances are placed, they will not design Feng Shui problems. We must not let household appliances cause indoor discord. So, what are the Feng Shui taboos for the placement of household appliances


TV is one of the most essential electrical appliances in the family. It feels like a home with it. We all know that this TV is something that needs heat dissipation very much. From the perspective of taking care of electrical appliances, it should be placed in a place easy to ventilate. In this way, the heat emitted by the TV can easily flow along the vent instead of gathering indoors and raising the muggy temperature

on the other hand, from the perspective of Feng Shui, TV is a very golden thing, which needs to be restrained by water. The specific approach is to consider placing an aquarium next to the TV, or placing aquatic plants at a safe distance. And when not in use, it is best to cover it with a TV cloth. In this way, the discordant sound caused by the placement of the TV can be cut off

the heat emitted by the TV varies with the size of the TV screen. The larger the TV, the more heat it dissipates. This heat accumulation is easy to cause the movement of air flow in the home, so as to change the feng shui of the room. The five elements of TV belong to fire. The larger the volume, the heavier the fire, which will lead to the imbalance of the five elements in the room, which makes people’s mood easy to be impatient, and then cause the dispute of words. But if the host’s fate is extremely fond of fire, big TV will help his fortune. The TV cannot be placed in a place where it is difficult to ventilate and dissipate heat. When the TV works, the heat emitted will gather, which is easy to cause the movement of air flow in the home, which will change the feng shui of the house

air conditioner

the air conditioner is not small. If it is rashly installed above the sofa, it is easy to form a beam top ” mdash” mdash; The air flow moves smoothly. If there is an air conditioner on the sofa, the air flow will be blocked when it comes to the air conditioner. For a long time, it will be affected by the downward pressure of the air flow. Naturally, the people on the sofa will be greatly affected in terms of body and fortune. The main feature of air conditioning is to deliver air conditioning indoors, so the most taboo is to blow the wealth position at home. Because this will blow away the God of wealth in the family, which is not conducive to the prosperity of the family. When it comes to wealth at home, you can refer to: sit south to north, wealth is in the northeast and due south; Sit north to south, wealth is in the southwest and due north; Sit West to East, wealth is in the northwest and Southeast; Sit east to west, wealth is located in the due east and due north; Sit southwest to northeast, then due east and southwest; Sitting in the northwest to the southeast, it is in the due west and northwest; And so on

for the design of air conditioning, many families will choose the place facing the main chair of the living room to be cooler. In fact, this is not a recommended position, because the air conditioner blows directly into the human body, which is easy to cause discomfort. In addition, in Feng Shui, this represents the negative fortune of unstable backers. At the same time, it is not recommended that the bedroom air conditioner is blowing on the human body


many friends like to put the computer in the bedroom, which can not only be convenient to use, but also ensure their own private space. But if you put a computer in your bedroom, remember that the screen can’t face the bed. Even if the computer is parallel to the bed, it is not appropriate. This is bound to affect the sleep quality of people in the bed. In the long run, it will threaten their health. Some people like to put the computer in the living room. It should be noted that it should not be placed near the shrine or near the shrine. Because the computer is easy to appear all kinds of strange pictures, which will be disrespectful to the gods. More importantly, computers are also prone to sound and vibration, which is not suitable for shrines that need to protect families safely

microwave oven

because it is a high-power electrical appliance, it can not be placed in the direction of the family’s five elements. Otherwise, a severe situation will be formed in Feng Shui, which is unfavorable to the luck and health of the family. For example, the northern five elements belong to water, the Western five elements belong to gold, with earth in the middle, wood in the East and fire in the south. As long as you avoid the location of your family


the oven is extremely hot, and the microwave oven also has the effect of stove. The stove represents the hostess and food in a room. For the health of the hostess, you must not ” Water and fire collide ” , In other words, it cannot be placed opposite the faucet

washing machine

washing machine is related to human stomach and heart in household Feng Shui. These two organs belong to local fire, and washing machine is also a thing of fire and earth. The washing machine also has ” Dry clothes ” ; Function, this function is the behavior of extreme fire. If the man in the home has stomach problems, the washing machine is mostly placed in the northwest of the home; If a woman has stomach problems, the washing machine may be in the southwest. Avoid placing the washing machine in these two directions


refrigerator is gold in Feng Shui. If the owner hates gold, he can’t put the refrigerator in the living room; If the owner likes gold, you can put the refrigerator in the position corresponding to the eight characters of the owner’s birthday, which can not only avoid evil, but also promote good luck. Most families will put the refrigerator in the kitchen. The kitchen belongs to fire, the refrigerator belongs to gold, and the five element fire can balance the fire of the kitchen, so it is also correct

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