What color is good for the bedroom

People are visual animals. Different colors can affect people’s psychological emotions and living conditions. Color will also have a certain impact on people’s physical health. The nervous nerves will relax. If the color tone of the bedroom is pleasing to the eye, soft, kind, romantic and poetic, it will make people easy to sleep and relieve fatigue. Therefore, we should draw inferences from one example. We should know the geomantic omen of the bedroom, but also understand the color geomantic omen of the bedroom, so as to create a colorful and happy life. Let’s have a look

bedroom color Feng Shui

bedroom color Feng Shui selection

1. Cyan and green have beneficial effects on people’s physiology and emotion. The two colors will have a hypnotic effect. From the perspective of space, they feel a little cold, but they have a strong calming effect, which will make people feel stable, Physical and mental relaxation, so choosing these two colors is very beneficial

2. The red bedroom will make people’s pulse beat faster and blood pressure rise, which will affect people’s mood and sleep. If red is used as the main tone and other furniture is added, the overall color effect will be very chaotic, which will make people uneasy for a long time

3. The color of bedroom curtains should also pay attention to certain feng shui knowledge, which can not be matched casually. It is best to choose neutral beige, white and yellow, which can also help people sleep

4. According to Feng Shui, the corresponding directions have corresponding colors. Green and blue should be used in the East and Southeast, yellow and black should be used in the south, white, beige and gray should be used in the west, pink and gray should be used in the north, yellow and brown should be used in the southwest, etc

bedroom color with different room functions Feng Shui

1 The main tone of the master bedroom should be warm, and the ground should use wood floor. The possibility of adopting specific style and color matching under the condition of the same aesthetics of both parties is not excluded

  2. The secondary bedroom should also be warm. The secondary bedroom is generally inhabited by the elderly. The convenience of the elderly should be considered when decorating

  3. Children’s room should use some more lively colors. The commonly used colors are blue for boys’ rooms and pink or beige for girls’ rooms. You can also use some wallpaper with cartoon animals or flowers and plants. More toy racks can also be placed in children’s rooms. Wooden floors can be used in children’s rooms, which is good for children’s ability to touch and climb without getting cold. If there is no condition to set the wooden floor, children’s rubber pads can also be used. Most of these rubber pads are colorful, and there are some educational patterns or letters

  4. The nanny room generally does not need to be decorated too much, and the top surface of the wall and ground can be treated

if you can give more space to the wall color of the room, and the lighting is not a problem, you can fully consider the color that the owner likes. In terms of color matching, we must try to be lighter and bring out light colors! Because the light color of the wall is relatively fresh, and the dark room gives people a sense of darkness and spiritual oppression, it will not only appear that the room is dark, but also reduce the area of the room visually. Moreover, the dark color is not suitable for matching with light color furniture, which is not harmonious and unified as a whole, and it is not a warm home

bedroom color Feng Shui taboo

taboo 1: don’t use too much black in the bedroom, which will cause the imbalance of yin and Yang

too much black in the bedroom space will cause the imbalance of yin and Yang in the bedroom space. In addition, in the bedroom space, black is used on the ceiling and floor, which will affect the living state and health of residents. It will also affect the luck of residents and the Feng Shui aura in home space

taboo 2: Annoying Orange should be used less in the bedroom

orange is full of vitality, which will make the living space show a warm and warm feeling. However, if the bedroom space uses orange too much, it will make people feel bored and restless, which will affect people’s physical and mental health. Therefore, it is best not to use too much orange in the bedroom space

taboo 3: it is forbidden to use too much pink in bedroom space

pink is easy to make people feel irritable, quarrel and dispute, resulting in frequent quarrels. Therefore, pink should not be used too much in the bedroom space. Pink can bring romantic mood, but over time, residents will have irritability and tension the relationship between family members. In addition, this color can also lead to nervous tension of residents, leading to psychological and neurological diseases

taboo 4: the bedroom wall should not use a large area of dark color

the painting and construction of the bedroom wall is related to the overall atmosphere of the bedroom space. In order to maintain the good feng shui of the bedroom space, avoid the reflection of Qi when sleeping and facilitate the breathing of the wall, the wall of the bedroom shall be painted with light tone paint instead of glass, metal, marble and other materials as far as possible. Light colors help to calm the residents and help them sleep. Therefore, do not use dark colors in the bedroom. Such colors will make the bedroom space look angry, and the residents will also have negative emotions, which will also affect the peace at home

The bedroom should be close to the function of relaxation and water storage. Sleep at ease, have a good dream, color can not be ignored

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