What’s the most unlucky thing to see when you open the door

It should be noted that what you can see when you open the door here refers to the objects that you can see when you open the door from outside the house. There are some things in the design of the house that must be cleverly arranged to avoid being opposite to the gate. These things refer to “Feng Shui”; Open the door and don’t see it ”

first, there is no stove when you open the door. The stove here is the saying in the ancient house book, which says in the integration of Yang houses: ” Open the door to the stove and waste more money” ; In fact, according to today’s architectural status, it means that you can’t see the kitchen when you open the door. Because the kitchen belongs to fire in the five elements, and ” Mountain management personnel, water management and wealth ” , Wealth is often related to water. Fire will consume water and naturally damage wealth

Second, the door does not see the toilet. The toilet is a place where filth is hidden in the home, which is very filthy. When you open the door and see the toilet, it will first affect the living mood of residents. In the long run, it will be harmful to health. Moreover, if there are guests at home, they will be greeted by the toilet when they open the door. Naturally, it is difficult to become popular

Third, you can’t see the mirror when you open the door. The mirror is the thing that turns evil spirits. If you want to turn evil spirits, you should also put it on the top of the door or outside the door to turn away the evil spirits outside the house. When the mirror is hung in the house, the wealth outside the house is blocked out by the mirror as soon as it flows into the home, which is very unfavorable to the accumulation of wealth at home. Moreover, the mirror reflects light. The gate is the place for daylighting. If the mirror is very close to the gate, it is easy to form an anti party evil spirit and damage the health of residents

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