You must understand the Feng Shui taboo at the gate

Every family has a gate. In Feng Shui, the gate is very important. What Feng Shui taboos do we need to know at the gate? Now Fstips will introduce you to the following Feng Shui taboos at the gate, which you must see

Feng Shui taboos at the gate you must see

What taboos do you need to pay attention to in Feng Shui at the gate

1. Do not open the door to the upward stairs: the door is open, that is, facing the upward stairs. As the saying goes, ” Doors are openings and ladders are tongues, Therefore, the downward gas will go straight into the door, affect the stability of the gas field and easily lead to accidents

solution method:

a porch is set in the gate to remove the gasification of the downrush

a statue of Guan Gong is placed at the entrance of the gate to dispel the evil spirit of running down

a seven star array is placed in the gate to stabilize the aura and help prosper the house

if large leaf plants are placed in the door, such as fortune tree and money tree, they can lead money into the room

2. Avoid two doors facing each other: due to the structure of modern houses, it is easy to cause two doors facing each other, that is ” Opposite door brake ” , Also called ” Zhuquesha ” ;. Luban jingzai: ” Two families cannot face each other, but the Lord’s family must retreat; Don’t rush when you open the door. There must be a fierce company” ; The most direct result is the phenomenon of easy quarrel and punishment. The door presses the small door, the more people press the less people, and the small door and the home of the less people will return. Since one of the two doors leaves, which one will? Although this problem is not absolute, it is usually: the one with a small door returns; Retreat with small space in the door; If there are few people in the door, retreat; The popularity field inside the door is weak


hang heavenly official blessings outside the door. If the two families reach an agreement, it is best to hang one respectively

a six character mantra Seven Star array is placed in the gate to stabilize the house and transportation atmosphere. Or hang a mirror of the nine palaces and eight trigrams inside the door to add good fortune in case of good fortune and turn evil into evil in case of evil

Feng Shui taboo at the rural gate. Do you know that

1. The rural gate cannot face the electric pole

the door cannot face the electric pole directly. Facing the electric pole is the same as facing the big tree, blocking the smooth entrance and exit, and the magnetic field of the electric pole is stronger than that of the human body. Over time, it will have an impact on health, especially if there is a big tree or electric pole, it is easy to affect the brain nerve, Or arrogant people

2. Steep rocks cannot be placed as rockeries at the rural gate

steep rocks are stacked as rockeries at the gate and decorated with waterfalls and fountains, which is unlucky. The rockery fountain should be on both sides of the house. If it is in front of the door, it should be at a certain distance from the gate. It is lucky that the sound of the fountain cannot be heard in the house and the gate, and it must avoid yaosha square

3. The rural gate cannot face the dead lane

the rural gate cannot face the dead lane, which indicates that there is no way out and is blocked; When I go out, I see the wall. For a long time, people’s mind is getting narrower and narrower, and their interpersonal relationship is getting worse and worse. If the gate faces a dead alley without access, the air flow in the house must be blocked and the air cannot maintain freshness. Therefore, a lot of turbid gas will accumulate, which is extremely unfavorable to the health of residents and the development of career. If there is a path to both sides, it is not serious. The principle of Qi is the same as that of water. Only living water can keep clean, while dead water must deposit dirt. If a fool comes out of Lu, it will be detrimental to class A, examination and promotion

don’t shoot at other people’s roads with ridges and eaves in the countryside. If it’s a road shot, if it’s consistent with Yuan Yun’s Qi, it’s auspicious, then there’s ” Rush up the priceless treasure in the Music Palace ” ; The reputation of. The impact of the road is not consistent with the yuan Yun, so it can be blocked by trees or the gate can be shifted. The sheltered trees should not be too high, otherwise the breath mouth is covered, the Yin Qi is too abundant, and the main disease. The door is facing the sharp corner of the ridge of the opposite house, which is like a sharp blade. It is not only extremely harmful to the health of people in the house, but also affects the harmony between people and the wealth of the family

5. There should be no big trees or dead trees at the gate of the rural house. There must be no big trees at the gate of the rural house, because the big trees in front of the door will not only prevent the Yang from entering the house, but also prevent the Yin from coming out of the house. In terms of real life, it is inconvenient for the family to get in and out. If it rains and thunders, it will also attract the danger of thunder and lightning. If the leaves are easy to fall into the room in autumn, it is impossible to keep clean. There must be no dead trees in front of rural houses. Even if they are not big trees, whether they are upright or lying on the ground, they will damage the elderly in Feng Shui. There must be the power to guide the poor, and it is best to pull them out by roots

6. The rural gate is not T-shaped road

the rural gate is not T-shaped road, that is, the vertical part of the vertical line and the point, that is, there must be no straight lanes and roads in front of the house, otherwise there will be endless disasters, such as wind disaster and fire, which will take special care of such houses. If you are unlucky, it may come down from heaven, such as the driver of a gas car or the drunk eye rushing directly into the house from the opposite road, If it’s not good, the room will be forgotten. If it’s good, it will lead to disability, business loss, official non official and so on

What are the Feng Shui taboos at the entrance of the villa?

first, Feng Shui at the entrance of the villa must be the most important ” Bright ”

Feng Shui explanation: Feng Shui is the most important thing at the villa gate ” Bright ” , Therefore, it is the best Feng Shui practice to install a lamp on the gate of the villa, which is the so-called ” The God of wealth does not enter the secret door

scientific explanation: a good mood affects your attitude towards things. There is light at the door of the villa and there is no light at the door. Your mood when you go out and go home is absolutely different, which affects you. If others come to your house, it’s easy to say during the day. If it’s at night, there is a greater difference between the mood when there is light and when there is no light, you can recall the feeling of light and no light at the door when you go to someone else’s house. Science is rigorous. Subtle environmental differences will have very different results

II. The door of the villa is open and the kitchen is not visible. The door of the villa should not be directly facing the kitchen fire. Feng Shui explains: because the kitchen and kitchen fire symbolize the financial treasury of a family, we should still pay attention to the truth that money is not exposed in Feng Shui. It is easy to get in and out of the kitchen when you enter the door and see the stove, but you can’t keep money

scientific explanation: the kitchen and bedroom are relatively private places in the home. These places are generally messy. If these bad places can be directly observed by others, others’ understanding of your home will be linked to the kitchen and bedroom. If the first sight is a bright living room, the first feeling of your home is a bright living room. What others know about your family will affect your social communication and wealth

Third, the villa should plant more plants

Feng Shui explanation: if you want to have more prosperous air transportation before entering the house, you can plant some plants to strengthen the vitality at the door and increase the power of the public house. However, it should be noted that ~ vines are not suitable to be planted near the gate

scientific explanation: planting vibrant plants in the villa will also make your life full of motivation, cultivate your sentiment, and let you have a calm state of mind and do things without impatience. But you should also choose the right plants. Vines are easy to block the building. Outsiders can’t fully appreciate your mansion. Of course, the score given to you by the building will be reduced. All things in the universe affect each other, and only mutual influence can maintain balance

IV. the villa door must be ” Accept Gas ”

Feng Shui explanation: the gate must be ” Accept gas, If the door is dirty and messy, the house is easy to absorb dirty gas and foul gas, and the family transportation is naturally difficult to flourish. Therefore, pay attention to ” Neat ” , Shoes must be neatly stored in the shoe cabinet and cannot be placed arbitrarily

scientific explanation: I believe everyone can understand this. If guests come to the house, there are a lot of messy and smelly shoes at the door. No matter what you wear properly, others can only feel ” Gold and jade are outside, and the rotten catkins are inside ” ;. Others will think that you only do superficial work and the internal quality is unreliable. Life and work are composed of detailed processes, and each detail affects each other. Just like the barrel principle, the shortest piece will always affect you

v. the door of the bedroom cannot be seen directly at the door of the villa

from a scientific point of view, the bedroom is a place for the family to rest and needs to be quiet and secret. Therefore, it is unhealthy to see the bedroom as soon as the door is opened. You should sun it on the side of the road. In the view of Feng Shui, it is easy to affect the health and the relationship between husband and wife when the door is directly facing the door. The key point is that such feng shui will make the residents stay in the life of husband and wife

door Feng Shui taboo knowledge

1. The door taboo is facing the elevator gate

the gate of the elevator is facing the door of the house. The so-called right is that the door is the elevator door, not to the left or right. There will be quarrels on weekdays. When time flies, five yellow and two black, it is easy to have blood light. Some teachers will say that the elevator gate is to send air upstairs, not a brake. Some teachers said that the opening and closing of the gate of the elevator swallowed up like a mouth, which was a white tiger external evil. Either way, if it is facing the elevator gate, the safest way is to put plants at the door

2. It is forbidden to stack sundries inside and outside the gate

both inside and outside the gate are dry, spacious and tidy. It is forbidden to stack garbage at the door. Many families will put shoe cabinets in the entrance channel. Please avoid the channel as much as possible and put them in the channel as a last resort. Please keep them clean. Because the gate is the channel for residential gas, if it is congested and dirty, it is not conducive to auspicious gas entering the house. If the pressure is narrow, everything is not going well

3. The door cannot face the mirror

the mirror here refers to a plane mirror. The mirror is evil in the Yang house. Since it can turn evil spirits, it means it can turn Qi. It will not be selective. It will only turn evil into good. Many teachers say that putting a mirror on the wealth position is equivalent to adding a wealth position. This statement is untenable. Because in the same way, it can be put in the brake position, which is equivalent to adding a brake position. There is no point in putting a mirror. Therefore, the door taboo is facing the mirror, whether it is for their own home or for others

4 the door is closed to the end

the so-called “one pass to the end” means that you can see the balcony when you open the door, or open the door is a channel to the end. Such a house is like being divided in two. Auspicious Qi will not stay in the house, let alone help transportation. The health and career of residents in the house will decline

5. The gate shall not be too wide or too narrow

the gate should not be too wide or too narrow. The ancients believed that if the house is large, the door is larger, and if the house is small, the door is smaller. Small door or small door,

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