What should we pay attention to when decorating the courtyard

If you want to ensure that the landscaping of the courtyard will not violate the matters of Feng Shui, so that the courtyard can obtain good feng shui after decoration, you must understand the relevant skills of how to correctly decorate and build the courtyard

don’t lay too many stones in the courtyard

many people like to pave a path with pebbles in the courtyard, which is not only beautiful, but also has a good effect of massaging the acupoints under the feet, and the courtyard itself can’t lack the soil of five elements, so laying pebbles helps to balance the Feng Shui in the courtyard. However, it should be noted that the use of stones should not be too much, otherwise it will lead to excessive Yin Qi and lack of Yang Qi. After all, stones are cold. Secondly, after the rain, the stones will hinder the evaporation of water vapor, resulting in heavy moisture in the courtyard

the design of the pool in the courtyard should be reasonable

the rationality mentioned here not only meets the requirements of the five elements and Feng Shui, but also has excellent Feng Shui rationality. It should also be able to build the pool according to the size and shape of the courtyard itself. It should be selected in the appropriate position and ensure the reasonable shape of the pool itself. Firstly, the pool should not be too close to the house, otherwise it will affect the Feng Shui in the house. Secondly, it should not be located in the center of the courtyard, otherwise it will also lead to the instability of Feng Shui in the courtyard

the enclosure of the courtyard should be beautiful and practical

the height of the enclosure can be seen according to the demand, but in the appearance design, it should be ensured to avoid being too sharp, such as installing a metal fence above the enclosure to ensure safety. This construction method will actually affect the Feng Shui in the courtyard. There should be no rattan plants on the wall. Although rattan plants attached to the wall can bring exuberant vitality, it is easy to damage the wall

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