How to use the porch to make money

Because the entrance is the access to wealth, it is advocated to place some items to attract wealth, which is beneficial to wealth. For example, three legged toad is the most effective way to attract wealth, which is very suitable to be placed in the porch. In addition, the yellow crystal ball uses the properties of yellow and crystal ball to attract wealth, which is also suitable to be placed. Yellow crystal gravel also has the function of Attracting Wealth and expelling evil spirits, and can expel the foul gas emitted from the shoe cabinet

placing a fish tank can also attract money. It should be noted that there should be six or eight tails here. If the water basin is placed here, wealth will enter the house along the water flow, so the direction of water flow should be set towards the interior or kitchen. In fact, piggy banks and small plants are good ideas for making money. They can also be placed

the porch is the channel of wealth, which is more suitable for hanging pictures of fortune, and yellow is the color of fortune, so you can hang oil paintings dominated by yellow, such as sunflowers. In addition, water is also a symbol of wealth, so hanging oil paintings with water can also increase wealth. This is also in line with the layout of Feng Shui

but the direction of water flow is also very important, which is related to the quality of Feng Shui. If the water flows to the evil side, it is not conducive to wealth. Therefore, in order to avoid these troubles, it is best to choose yellow paintings without water flow direction

freehand landscape painting at the entrance

landscape painting is a reflection of the beauty of nature. The beauty of natural landscape exists objectively and is endowed by nature. When people appreciate landscape painting, they often combine the imagination and association of life. The magnificent and changeable Huangshan Mountain and the strange and beautiful Guilin landscape give people different feelings of beauty

peony picture of wealth and auspiciousness in the porch

peony is the most common theme in home calligraphy and painting decoration, with elegant appearance, large flowers and beautiful colors, implying auspiciousness and wealth

the picture of plum blossom hanging on the auspicious porch

plum has five petals, representing five auspicious gods. These five blessings are longevity, wealth, happiness, virtue and health. And Plum Blossom ” The nature is so beautiful that it is cold and open alone ” , It is one of the four gentlemen in the flower and the symbol of the highest ideal of Chinese literati’s personality. It is very auspicious and beautiful to hang a plum blossom picture in the porch of your home

auspicious porch Feng Shui painting nine fish

the ancients often placed lions, unicorns and other spiritual beasts to guard at the door as the patron saint of the house. If a lion or unicorn is placed outside the house in a modern house, it will often be subject to many restrictions. Second, small copper can be placed in the entrance facing the gate, which can also achieve the effect of protection. At the same time, put various animal shaped handicrafts in the porch as ornaments, but remember not to collide with the zodiac of the head of household:

the zodiac belongs to the rat and the horse and the mouse

the zodiac belongs to the cow and the sheep and the zodiac belongs to the sheep and the cow

the zodiac belongs to the tiger and the monkey

the zodiac belongs to the rabbit and the zodiac belongs to the chicken and the rabbit

the zodiac belongs to the dragon and the dog and the zodiac belongs to the dog and the dog and the dragon

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