What’s particular about bedroom furnishings

Decorate a good feng shui bedroom and let it play an effective protective role for you when you are weakest. So what are the Feng Shui taboos in the display of bedroom items? What kind of display is a good bedroom Feng Shui decoration

I. the head of the bed should not be facing the door

if the head of the bed is facing the door, it is called ” Door rush, It can make people sleep uneasy and easy to have nightmares. Therefore, the bed can not be directly opposite the door, so as not to let outsiders have a panoramic view of the house, which will appear to have no privacy and sense of security, and also affect the rest. If the bed is placed next to the bedroom door due to the limitation of space size, it also violates the great taboo of Feng Shui in the bedroom. At this time, you can choose a screen to cover it. In this way, you can not only avoid the opposite between the bed and the bedroom door, but also protect the safety of the bedroom

II. the mirror should not be facing the bed

it is very disadvantageous if there is a mirror on either side of the bedroom. In addition to the possible impact on health and the relationship between husband and wife, it is more likely to affect wealth, offspring, etc

especially at the end of the bed, it is not allowed to hang or place mirrors. Because people are easily frightened by their own image in the mirror when they get up at night, resulting in restlessness and dizziness

secondly, when a person falls asleep safely, his Qi energy is the weakest, and the mirror is an object with great reflection force, which can easily reflect the energy of the human body. Especially in the bedroom of young couples, if the mirror is facing the bed, it is easy to suffer from infertility and infertility

if the mirror facing the bed in the bedroom can’t be moved, it must be covered with the west at night. The best way is to inlay the mirror in the bedroom wardrobe, so it won’t occupy too much space, and you can close the cabinet door when you don’t use it at ordinary times

III. there should be no gap behind the head of the bed

when placing the bed, the head of the bed must be close to the wall or some other objects, and there must be no gap between them, which is called ” in Feng Shui; Backer ” ;. Otherwise, once empty, it is easy to produce pessimism

IV. bed avoid crossbeam

there are also many taboos on the placement of bed in the bedroom. For example, it should not be placed on the top cabinet or crossbeam surface, otherwise it is easy to cause headache, joint pain and other diseases, or damage your reputation. Chandeliers cannot be hung directly above the room, which is also the category of crossbeam pressing bed. If there is a situation in the bedroom, move the bed immediately, If the bed is moved due to the influence of the bedroom area or the previous decoration layout, the mascot should also be hung for effective resolution

v. the light in the bedroom should be soft

the light in the bedroom must be soft, because too strong light is easy to make people grumpy; The light is too dark, and it is easy to produce melancholy, which has a great negative impact on the residents’ life attitude and work attitude

VI. placement of tables and shelves

it is most common to place tables and shelves in the master bedroom. Tables can be used to eat or write, while shelves can be used to place objects. However, because the practical area of many buildings is relatively small, we should try our best to make good use of every inch of space, which takes a lot of thought. Moreover, when placing, the space will not accommodate the furniture, but can only accommodate the fixed space by using the furnishings of the furniture. Therefore, it is likely that some tables and shelves that do not conform to the Feng Shui principle will appear in the room, such as too many sharp shapes, which should be avoided as far as possible, It is better to decorate the sleek corner shape in the master bedroom

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