What is Feng Shui tree

Feng Shui tree can be a millennium famous tree or a forest. It appears at the entrance of a village in the countryside, so it is also called Shuikou tree. When you come to a strange village and see a tall tree or a green and beautiful forest somewhere at the entrance of the village, you have to realize that it is a Feng Shui tree. Feng Shui tree is generally the root of good feng shui in a village and can also bring aura to people. Therefore, many people in the city will go to the vicinity of Feng Shui tree to absorb aura

for Feng Shui trees, they must not be infringed or transplanted at will, otherwise the good feng shui of the whole area will be destroyed. Those who want to plant or cut down Fengshui trees will often be hindered in their career, because it is difficult for ordinary people to compete with the aura of Fengshui trees

while the village develops and expands, it should also protect the Feng Shui tree. Feng Shui tree can not only bring good luck, but also prevent wind and sand, consolidate the foundation, conserve water and soil, resist lightning, etc. Feng Shui trees cannot be invaded or replanted arbitrarily

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