Feng Shui taboo on residential stairs and its solution

In geomantic omen, there are also many taboos in the geomantic omen of stairs; So, what are the taboos and solutions of Feng Shui on stairs? Here is the

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Feng Shui taboos on stairs and solving

What are the Feng Shui taboos on stairs?

the stairs themselves are section by section, if ” Gas ” ; If you meet the stairs as soon as you enter the door, the stairs will be tangent to each other first, or ” Gas ” ; Cut it all off, or make ” Gas ” ; It can’t flow smoothly and disturb the gas field. When the atmosphere is chaotic, the general environment in the room is naturally no better. It can be seen that the stairs can be seen when opening the door. It may not be convenient to go upstairs and downstairs. On the contrary, the health of the owner of the house is unknowingly adversely affected

first of all, pay special attention to the position of the stairs. If the stairs are set in the center of the room, it will appear ” The guest usurps the host ” , Stairs are used to walk people up and down, which makes the place noisy and restless. It is not only a waste of ” Acupoint Eye ” ; This precious area, with ” Trample ” ; Disrespect means that it will not bring good luck to the owner of the house. Therefore, when designing stairs, good designers will try their best not to let the entrance of the stairs face the gate. There are three main methods that can be taken:

first, turn the stairs in one direction facing the top of the gate. For example, design the shape of the stairs into an arc to make the entrance of the stairs reverse the direction and back to the gate

Second, hide the stairs. It’s best to hide behind the wall and clamp the stairs with two walls. In this way, there is no ” Cut off the gas field ” ; Worry, and multiply the owner’s sense of security when going up and down the stairs. As for the space under the stairs, it can be designed as a storage room or toilet

Third, use a screen to place a shield between the gate and the stairs to make ” Gas ” ; Can follow the screen into the house. In addition to not facing the gate, another taboo about stairs in home feng shui is to set it in the center of the house. Because the center of the house is called ” Acupoint eye, Yes ” Gas ” ; Condensation point of. It is generally believed that this is the soul of the whole house and the most expensive place” Acupoint Eye ” ; This traditional saying has been precipitated to this day and has become a Chinese aesthetic habit of taking the middle as the top, the middle and impartiality

finally, the setting of stairs should also be consistent with the overall style of the whole residential space environment. Harmony and unity are the main principles of home decoration Feng Shui. If the setting of stairs is too abrupt and the decoration is too sensational, it will inevitably make people living in them feel uncomfortable. So do not let the stairs affect the overall home feng shui, let the emergence of stairs really add color to your life and make your career rise day by day

What are the Feng Shui taboos about stairs

types of stairs

home stairs generally have three types, one is spiral stairs, one is inclined stairs, and one is stairs with turning platforms on the way. Compared with inclined stairs and stairs with turning platforms on the way, the first step of the stairs is located in the center of the house. If the platform at the end of the stairs is the center of the house, it is a fierce pattern

shape of stairs

stairs are pipes that move air quickly, which can make the air move from one floor to another. When people go up and down the stairs, they will stir the air energy and make it move quickly along the stairs. In order to achieve the purpose of storing wind and gathering gas at home, the air flow must rotate and avoid direct rush. Therefore, the steeper the slope of the stairs, the stronger the negative effect on Feng Shui. Therefore, the slope of the stairs should be eased better. In terms of shape, spiral stairs and stairs with turning platforms on the way should be the first choice

material of stairs

the best material of stairs is wooden steps with slow air connection and air supply, and less steps made of stone and metal. Wood is the most natural material, while metal and other materials will more or less bring some sharp gas field, which is harmful to health

the of stairs is applicable to other household equipment

plants can be placed under the stairs or used as lockers, but it is not suitable for restaurants, kitchens, bedrooms, etc. This is because the gas field of the stairs flows relatively fast, which is easy to affect the space such as the restaurant, kitchen and bedroom. In addition, the sound of going up and down the stairs is also very inappropriate for the bedroom that needs to be quiet

indoor staircase orientation and Feng Shui taboo

in the traditional architectural system, such as dry diaphragm buildings, stilted buildings, stairs are an important part and play a connecting role. Modern houses are mostly flat structures, and stairs are often only used as a public facility, so many people do not pay attention to its role. However, with the popularity of duplex, leapfrog, villa, townhouse and other structural houses, the spatial separation of multiple levels of home depends on stairs. At this time, the staircase is incorporated into the internal space of the residence, and its orientation and shape have a strong impact on the internal layout of the residence

Feng Shui taboos and solutions on stairs

I. The ideal position of stairs

stairs should stand against the wall, and taboo is in the center of the room. Otherwise, it is equal to dividing the home into two, which will bring all kinds of quarrels to the home and lead to discord between husband and wife

II. Stair shape selection

1. Straight ladder

the smaller the slope of the stair, the better its prosperous transportation effect. In order to avoid the wealth and luck upstairs, don’t make a straight ladder in the shape of indoor stairs

2. Spiral staircase

the advantage of this kind of staircase is that it saves space, and it makes people feel better and has strong artistry. In the indoor application of spiral ladder, the best rotation is 270 degrees. The disadvantage is that there are old people and children at home, which will give people a feeling of insecurity. This kind of stairs are mostly used for small duplex in the attic on the top floor, and less for large duplex

3. Folding ladder

at present, this kind of stair is widely used indoors and has various forms, including 90 degree folding ladder, 360 degree folding ladder and two folding ladder (there is a 9-degree folding shape at the entrance and exit). The design should be good and the structure should be properly matched. The disadvantage is the same as the arc ladder, which requires a large space

4. The arc ladder

connects the upstairs and downstairs with a typical line. It is beautiful and comfortable to walk. There is no rigidity of the folding ladder and no insecurity of the spiral ladder. It is the most ideal staircase, but there must be enough space to achieve the best effect

III. taboo on the location of stairs

residence is the place for Qi accumulation and health preservation. For example, if the entrance of the stairs is opposite the main door, the wealth and happiness in the house will rush from the stairs to the door, which is a big taboo. In addition, the first step of the stairs has little impact on the whole at any position in the room, but the exit must not be in the center of the house, otherwise it will also have an adverse impact on the home

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