What problems should be paid attention to in Feng Shui of the gate

As the saying goes ” Plant locust trees first, and then settle down, But from the perspective of Feng Shui, having trees in front of the door is not necessarily a good thing. This is because the door is the place where anger enters. A big tree in front of the door will hinder the entry of anger, thus affecting Feng Shui. At the same time, there is a tree in front of the door, which is the Feng Shui image of dingxinsha, which will prevent Yang from coming in, resulting in excessive Yin Qi in the house, which is easy to make people sick. In addition, from a scientific point of view, big trees attract wind, which is prone to lightning disasters and will also affect traffic, so it’s best not to plant trees in front of the door

besides trees, vines should not be planted. People often plant plants indoors to regulate Feng Shui. They think it can make a lot of money, but don’t choose vines, otherwise it will bring a lot of trouble to the owner. Because vines are winding plants, which will entangle the owner’s career and feelings, even cause tragedy, and make villains

gate, the gate of the house is an important place to receive gas. It should be wide and tidy to avoid hindering luck; If there are many doors in the home, the design should pay attention to the two doors do not overlap, otherwise it will affect health, career and family; The situation of two doors biting each other will lead to disputes and affect harmony; The size of the room should be consistent with the size of the door. The door of the big house should be relatively larger and the door of the small room should be smaller to avoid the situation that the door will oppress the small door, otherwise it will affect the health of the family and cause diseases of the digestive system

there is also a situation where people are small, which is a kind of ferocity in Feng Shui. It can be divided into many situations. First, the gate is inconsistent with its own status. If the built gate oversteps its own identity, it will put too much pressure on the residents, disturb their life style, and even bring serious disasters. Second, the door is not coordinated with the house. This will affect the fortune of the whole family and make the family sick

the opening direction of the house door cannot be in the southwest and northeast, because this is the place where thieves haunt, and there are peach blossom robbers. It is also easy to have problems in money trading, which will also lead to family members’ impetuous mood and lack of consideration, leading to all kinds of mistakes, affecting life and work

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