Feng Shui of kitchen decoration: Feng Shui orientation of stove

The key orientation of the stove also has a great relationship with ours. Moreover, when decorating the kitchen, the orientation of the stove should also be paid attention to. How about the orientation of the stove according to the feng shui of the kitchen decoration? Let’s have a look

kitchen decoration Feng Shui look at the Feng Shui orientation of the kitchen stove

kitchen stove orientation Feng Shui strategy

1. The kitchen stove cannot face the kitchen door or bedroom door

the five elements of the kitchen stove belong to fire, so its orientation must not face the kitchen door or bedroom door. As we all know, fire means dryness. If the kitchen stove is facing the kitchen door, feng shui will easily cause the family to be grumpy, resulting in family discord. If the kitchen stove is facing the bedroom door. The anger in the kitchen will enter the bedroom, and the excessive anger will form a bad spirit, which has a certain adverse impact on people’s health, and it may also easily lead to marital discord, unhappiness in family and marriage and so on

2. The kitchen stove can’t be backed up

in fact, this truth is useful for many things. Because no matter what people do, they need to have a backer behind them, so when decorating their home, this practice of relying on them behind them has gradually become a habit. Moreover, in Feng Shui, it is also said that if there is no support behind the kitchen stove, it is easy to cause the instability of the family, which has a great pressure on the spirit of the family living in it. Therefore, it is not conducive to the health of the family, but also in danger of losing money. Therefore, remember that the kitchen stove can’t be placed in the center of the kitchen, that is, it can’t be placed in the center

3. The kitchen stove should not be too close to the toilet

the kitchen stove is fire, while the toilet is water. According to popular life, water and fire are not allowed, and water and fire are mutually exclusive. Therefore, in terms of the five element Feng Shui, the kitchen stove cannot rely on the toilet. Moreover, the toilet is the place that produces the most filthy gas in the whole house. The kitchen is the place we use to cook food. Naturally, we can’t let this filthy gas enter the kitchen. Moreover, the cold place such as the toilet can’t face the kitchen stove, otherwise it will collide with the kitchen king in the kitchen stove. In this way, the family’s luck will be very bad in a year and everything will be bad, so in this regard, The kitchen stove cannot be close to or face the toilet

the kitchen stove facing Feng Shui

1. The orientation of the stove should be determined according to the preferred direction of the homeowner. For example, homeowner Camptotheca can go to the East, which is beneficial to homeowners

2. Do not lean behind the stove. The stove depends on the wall, and there is a backer behind the master when cooking, which represents the stability and health of the family

3. The stove should not face the bedroom door. Anger is harmful to the health of the family

4. Do not set the stove under the window. The sand and dust outside the window are not hygienic

5. The stove should not be directed to the divine position. The fire stove flushes the divine position, which is disrespectful to the gods and easy to cause trouble, causing misfortune in house transportation

6. The stove position should not be back against the toilet, and water and fire impact. In addition, the toilet is easy to attract insects and ants, and there are foul bacteria

7. The stove cannot face the kitchen door. The stove is against the kitchen door, family discord, grumpy and money damage

8. It’s better not to place the stove head in the south of the kitchen, because one thing and one Tai Chi, the kitchen also has its location (i.e. small Tai Chi), which can be placed in other locations of the kitchen. The south is already a hot place. If the kitchen is located in this position, it will cause heat and dryness, which will easily affect the health of family members and lead to dangerous diseases, especially mothers who work in the kitchen for a long time

9. The stove head should not be placed in the northwest of the kitchen. The northwest is dry; Dry is heaven, and there is an open fire in the kitchen (even if there is no fire for cooking, there is also heat and the image of fire), which is ” Fire Tianmen gate ” Therefore, dry application in people represents the old father of the family, that is, the head of the family. The male master of the family is restrained and fails to deal with the responsibility of being a father. How can a mother be alone? It is necessary to work harder for the large and small affairs of the family. This year’s nine purple fire is in the northwest, which is easier to realize this phenomenon

10. The stove should not be set in the center of the kitchen. It is located in the center of the kitchen, with no support on all sides. The family is unstable, which suppresses the spirit of the family and indicates the disaster of money loss

11. Pay attention to the height of the stove. It’s not easy to cook if it’s too high, and it’s difficult to operate if it’s too low. It’s better to be 86-100cm

12. The stove should not be close to water. If there is tap water, it is close to the tap. Water and fire often affect each other and are dangerous. It is also not allowed to be close to the refrigerator. The stove has fire gas and is close to the refrigerator. The cold and heat collide with each other, resulting in energy consumption. For rural water tanks, it is not allowed to set the stove next to or facing the water tank. Water and fire are mutually exclusive, which is unfavorable to the transportation

precautions for kitchen decoration of Feng Shui stove

I. placement position and orientation of the stove

stove, the five elements belong to fire. It is the best when sitting (pressing) on the fierce side and the stove mouth (the switch of the stove) faces the auspicious side. How do you distinguish between auspicious and evil? Space can be seen as eight directions: Southeast, northwest, Southeast, southwest, northeast and northwest. According to their own eight characters, people are divided into East four lives and West four lives. Then the East four lives have four auspicious and four vicious sides, and the West four lives are just the opposite. First of all, if you make it clear whether you belong to the East Fourth life or the West Fourth life, you will make clear the good and bad in several directions. For example, for the people of the East Fourth House, the stove should be placed in the four evil sides of the life, and the mouth of the stove should face the four auspicious sides of the East Fourth House: ridge, departure, earthquake and exchange. Such a position is the best. The above compass shall prevail

II. Some likes and dislikes of stove and kitchen

1. The faucet in the kitchen should not be directed at the stove mouth, and people in the main house are prone to gastrointestinal problems

2. The refrigerator in the kitchen should not collide with the door or the stove. It is the main tongue, and the husband and wife quarrel

3. The kitchen door should not face the bedroom door, bathroom door and gate

4. The flue and oil discharge pipeline of the stove should also be placed in four dangerous places

5. The kitchen window should not be too large, which is mainly caused by wealth leakage and fire

6. The direction of water from cupboards and stoves should be zero God. At present, Kun sees water as the master of wealth, earthquake sees water as the master of wealth, and Gen sees water as the master of wealth

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