How to choose Feng Shui for home decoration lamps

In the home decoration, the choice of lamps is also very important. How to choose lamps and the feng shui of lamps and lanterns are closely related to the overall home feng shui. If the choice of lamps is inconsistent with the statement in Feng Shui, it will only have a negative impact on the feng shui of home. In this case, you might as well learn how to choose lamps and lanterns

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selection of bedroom lamps

the selection of lamps should be selected according to the different attributes of each room. For example, some gorgeous and noble lamps can be appropriately selected for the lamps in the living room; The lamps in the bedroom should choose some soft and gentle ones. After all, the bedroom is just a sleeping space. If the lamps in the bedroom are too gorgeous, they will not fit in with the gas field of the bedroom, and will make the overall style of the bedroom appear particularly abrupt. In particular, some gorgeous crystal chandeliers will burden the nerves of the family and make the family feel stressed, thus affecting the sleep and health of the family; Therefore, in any case, the lamps in the bedroom should choose soft lighting, simple style and round and square shape

selection of lamps and lanterns in the living room

the selection of lamps and lanterns in the living room is relatively diversified, because there are many suitable lamps and lanterns in the living room, whether fresh and elegant lamps, gorgeous retro lamps and lanterns, or modern lamps and lanterns, can be used in the living room. As long as the style of lamps and lanterns is the same as the overall style of the living room, there is nothing wrong! However, the selection of lamps in the living room still needs to pay attention to the selection of lights and the shape of lamps! According to Feng Shui, it’s best to choose some lights with good lighting effect. The light source is bright and can light up the lights of the whole living room. In terms of color, we should avoid red, blue, green and purple. After all, the living room is not a dance hall, and using these colors will damage Feng Shui. Secondly, the shape of lamps in the living room also needs attention. If you choose the ceiling, try to avoid sharp and water drop chandeliers. Chandeliers with sharp corners are unlucky! You can choose square and circular lamps, which can make the home Square and round and better Feng Shui

“gt; kitchen lamps and lanterns are also a choice in the kitchen! Because the selection of lamps and lanterns has special attention, the suitable lamps and lanterns in different spaces are also different. In the kitchen, it is not suitable to choose warm color lamps. You can choose some cold color white lights, because from the perspective of Feng Shui, the five elements of warm color lamps belong to water, and the fire will help invigorate the gas field of the kitchen and lead to a more prosperous fire in the kitchen. In this way, it will be unfavorable to the wind and water of the kitchen, and may also lead to the hot temper of the family; If you can choose a cool white light in the kitchen, it will be of great help to the feng shui of the kitchen

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