Feng Shui in home decoration and wall decoration

Feng Shui can not be ignored in all aspects of home decoration. After all, Feng Shui is very important. If you don’t pay attention to Feng Shui directly, it means you don’t care about your own luck, because there is a great connection between Feng Shui at home and our luck! Among them, the geomantic omen of the wall affects the home, so the geomantic omen of the wall will also be related to our personal fortune! In that case, what is the feng shui of home decoration and wall decoration

Feng Shui of wall color

the color of wall has a lot of Feng Shui stress. After all, using different colors will form different Feng Shui aura and create a different feeling. Therefore, you must pay more attention to some stress in Feng Shui in the application of color! First of all, although purple is bright and unique, try to avoid using purple at home, because visually speaking, purple will lead to the deep atmosphere of space and form a sense of visual depression. Living in a purple space for a long time, ordinary people can’t stand it and feel depressed in their heart, which will damage their physical and mental health and affect home feng shui. In addition to purple, dark blue, green and red, darker colors should be avoided as far as possible! You can choose light yellow, milky white, etc. these elegant colors are more favorable for home feng shui, and can also effectively reduce the visual pressure

Feng Shui of wall hanging paintings

in addition, many people will choose to place hanging paintings on the wall, which is also one of the decorative techniques, which can effectively decorate the home environment, so as to make the home space more stylish! But in fact, in Feng Shui, hanging paintings are more exquisite. We should have a clear understanding of feng shui knowledge and taboos that hanging paintings need to pay attention to! Feng Shui believes that the hanging paintings on the wall must pay attention to the choice of content, such as some auspicious pictures of nine fish, koi, God of wealth and peony, which can be hung on the wall, which can effectively improve the Feng Shui prosperity of the home and bring good luck to the family; However, some pictures of beasts, sunset and falling flowers and flowing water should not be hung on the wall, because these contents will bring an unlucky geomantic aura, which will damage the home geomantic omen

Feng Shui of wall flatness

finally, in the home decoration, we also pay attention to the flatness of the wall. Feng Shui believes that the of the wall must be kept flat and smooth, so that the wall can form a good feng shui and make the home feng shui atmosphere vigorous. The walls are not flat, but the style of home decoration is not good. If the walls are uneven, the personality is not very good

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