Selection of porch plants

Plants can activate Qi energy and balance Qi field in Feng Shui, and the entrance is no exception. As we all know, plants and flowers not only have edible and ornamental value, but also have the effect of regulating room feng shui. A good layout of plants and bonsai can not only bring you fresh color and vitality, but also relieve your mental pressure. We often find that placing plants indoors can improve & ldquo; Gas & rdquo; People’s spirit will change imperceptibly. Plants undoubtedly provide a free treatment for human health

the theoretical core of Chinese Feng Shui is the relationship between man and environment. The changes of heaven and earth and the Yin, Yang and five elements have their symbolic significance. Because things in the environment are thought to emit some form of energy, and plants produce a steady stream of natural vitality

they can not only prevent the retention of gas, but also gently pass through the corridor and produce a fluctuating gas field. The plants placed in the porch are mostly due to the release of auspicious aura to the family residence through plants, so as to stimulate people’s psychological and mental happiness in space