Feng Shui taboo in decoration of old people’s houses

Elderly people, in the process of living and living, should pay attention to Feng Shui taboos in the decoration of elderly houses

First: safety. The body of the elderly is no better than that of the young. It takes a long time to recover from injury, or even can’t recover. Therefore, the first thing we should pay attention to in decoration and living is to avoid all hidden dangers that may hurt the elderly. The bed of the elderly should be moderate in height, which is convenient for the elderly to get up and lie down and take things. The bed should avoid the direct blowing of the cross wind of the air conditioner to avoid the wind cold of the elderly and the adverse impact of the electromagnetic field of the air conditioner on the luck. It should be noted that there should be no cross beam on the bed, so as not to press the top of the cross beam, resulting in muscle, bone and joint pain. The bed should not be opposite the door, let alone the bathroom door, so as not to cause hidden dangers of disease. The bed should not be against the mirror, especially the magnetic field reflected by the oversized mirror, which will cause the elderly to be in a trance, senile dementia, etc

1. Ground steps. The ground where the elderly live must be flat to avoid stepping on empty or tripping when they are not careful

2. The ground is anti-skid. Don’t use too greasy floor tiles on the ground where the elderly live. Choose floor tiles with strong friction, or floor tiles with dumb surface, or wooden floors that are softer than that

3. The corridor should have sufficient space. The elderly are easy to be injured, so when decorating, we should consider that in case of an accident, the emergency personnel can smoothly move the elderly out of the corridor space, such as the space of stretchers and wheelchairs

4. Furniture with rounded corners should be selected as far as possible, and there should be no sharp edges to prevent scratching the elderly. Do not use heavy stools, chairs and other mobile furniture. When choosing light furniture, pay attention to the furniture that can stand firmly on the ground as far as possible, and do not have wheels, so as to avoid the furniture slipping away when sitting or using

Second: living space

1. The living space should be as regular as possible without disorder, so as to facilitate the elderly to find and use daily things. In terms of storage, try to conform to the living habits of the elderly. If it is inconvenient for the elderly to climb or bend down, the things used by the elderly should be placed where the elderly can easily take them when standing. A major feature of the elderly is that they like to be quiet. Sound insulation treatment should be done for the elderly’s room, and sound insulation materials should be selected for doors, windows and walls. Keep the old people from being influenced by the outside world

2. The color of decoration space can use relatively calm but vibrant green, blue and yellow, which not only conforms to the aesthetics of the elderly, but also brings a kind of spiritual pleasure to the elderly. Due to the physical inconvenience of the elders, it is suggested that the elderly room should be arranged in the Chaoyang direction. According to the psychological and physiological characteristics of the elderly, the bedroom of the elderly should be arranged in the Chaoyang room as far as possible. Traditional Feng Shui believes that the northwest is the right place for parents, which is conducive to the elderly to sleep, but its disadvantage is that it is too cold, which has a certain impact on the elderly’s health. In fact, the rooms with sufficient sunlight in the southeast and South are the most suitable

3. The light source in the old man’s room must not be too complex. The decoration such as colored lights will dazzle the old man. The lamp with strong light and dark contrast or too bright color is not suitable for the elderly, which is easy to cause mood fluctuations. For the elderly, the convenience of life is important. There should be a light switch at the place where you enter the door, otherwise it will be easy to trip when you enter the house. There should also be a light switch at the head of the bed, so that the elderly can control the light source at any time when they get up at night. The elderly get up more at night, so some dark night lights that can illuminate the corridor can be set on the ground beside the bed in the bedroom, so that the elderly can step on the ground safely

4. Try to choose a harder bed for the elderly, which is beneficial to the bone health of the elderly

decoration is not often done, so it should be planned in advance. The elderly may act very smoothly during decoration, but the physical condition of the elderly in a few years should also be considered. After all, a renovation may not be redecorated for ten years. It is suggested that when decorating, looking for professional designers to help you design your home will be more perfect, comfortable and reasonable

5. Furnishings of old people’s houses

some auspicious items should be placed in the elderly room

the psychological adjustment of the elderly is very important. The positive role of auspicious items in Feng Shui is conducive to their physical and mental health

calligraphy and painting works, handicrafts and mascots symbolizing longevity, health and peace can be placed in the elderly’s room

don’t put fish tanks and other decorations with heavy Yin

although fish tanks can regulate indoor temperature and humidity, they can also attract wealth in Feng Shui, but for the elderly, there is a suspicion that moisture is too heavy, so it’s best not to put them in the room

some old people put their parents’ photos and memorial tablets in their room and often talk to them. These are items with heavy Yin Qi, which will have an adverse impact on the feng shui of the whole house

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