Bedroom decoration wall color feng shui knowledge

The choice of wall color is a problem that puzzles many people. What color to choose is very particular. Generally speaking, people will give priority to the color they like in their heart, but in fact, the choice of wall color should give priority to the knowledge in Feng Shui and pay attention to relevant Feng Shui matters

it is inappropriate to use pink in the bedroom

it seems that many people like to use pink as the color of the bedroom wall, especially those women with girlish heart and princess dream. Pink is the best color in their mind, so they will choose pink to decorate the bedroom one after another. But in fact, from the perspective of Feng Shui, pink is not suitable for middle-aged people in the bedroom! Although pink can satisfy the girlish heart of some girls, pink is a color of peach blossom. If it is used in the bedroom, it will affect the feelings of husband and wife and lead to the involvement of a third party in marriage! In addition, pink is also a color that easily affects people’s mood and emotion. If pink is used as the main color in the bedroom, I’m afraid it will affect the mood of the bedroom owner and lead to the bedroom owner’s emotional irritability and depression for a long time

if you like pink very much, you might as well try to use pink as the color matching to decorate the wall of the bedroom, so that you can meet your preferences without affecting the bedroom

light colors are used in the bedroom

according to the theory and knowledge of Feng Shui, the walls in the bedroom are more suitable for using some light colors, such as milky white, light yellow, light gray, etc. these light colors are more in line with the atmosphere of the bedroom and will be better for Feng Shui in the bedroom! Because a lighter color can make the whole space of the bedroom warm and elegant, and can also create a fresh atmosphere. In this way, it can make the atmosphere of the bedroom more comfortable, which is conducive to our sleep, health, luck and so on! So relatively speaking, the light color is more suitable for the bedroom

choose the color according to the orientation

in addition, in the color selection of the bedroom, we can also choose the color of the bedroom according to the orientation of the bedroom, which is more conducive to the Feng Shui atmosphere of the bedroom! For example, if the bedroom is located in the southeast or due east, blue and green can be used as the main colors in the bedroom; If the bedroom is located in the south, you may wish to choose yellow, lavender, etc. as the color of the bedroom wall; If the bedroom is located in the west, beige, white and gray can be given priority; If the bedroom is located in the north, it is more suitable to use gray white; If the bedroom is located in the northwest, you can try to decorate the yellow and gray walls

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