Interior decoration feng shui design

In Feng Shui, interior design is also an important part, especially for some fixed and long-term interior decoration, such as the color of the wall, the layout of the corridor and the selection of lamps. It is best to make the right decision before entering the house, otherwise it will be particularly annoying to change after entering the house

indoor color life style

some guests will ask me whether all furniture should choose egoistic colors? In fact, there is no need to be so complicated. Just choose egoistic colors in the main layout. The proper matching of home colors will not only help improve the fortune of the home, but also make the residents do things with half the effort

when choosing the color used in the home, pay attention to the following matters

once the range of walls, curtains and floors is matched with color, it will be difficult to change in the future; What is easier to change is the color of furniture, such as sofas, tables and chairs and combined cabinets. However, in giving play to the effect of Feng Shui, the color of furniture is always far less than that of walls, curtains and floors

different lifestyles with different colors

people with different lifestyles have different colors to avoid. When people with different lifestyles live together, the following solutions can be considered:

1 The life style of the economic pillar of the family should avoid color

  2. Choose mild neutral colors, such as beige or yellow; Furniture patterns can be square

  3. Choose colors that are conducive to your life style in your private space, such as bedroom and study

no matter what kind of life style, red and black should not be the main colors of a house. Because red belongs to Yang and black belongs to Yin; The former is easy to make people nervous and grumpy; The latter is prone to depression and depression

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