What Feng Shui patterns should be avoided in home decoration

The decoration of the house is like replacing the whole Feng Shui environment, which will bring different Feng Shui fortunes. If you want to ensure that there is still a stable Feng Shui environment in your home after decoration, you must avoid some bad feng shui patterns according to the basic knowledge of Feng Shui

don’t put too many mirrors

don’t put too many mirrors even in the bedroom, especially the floor mirror with large area, which should be selected carefully. The reason for this is that the mirror itself has a strong Feng Shui attribute and can reflect Qi luck, so it is easy to provoke Yin and bad luck. If there are more mirrors in the home, it may lead to the whole house becoming a dangerous house. Generally speaking, the mirrors should be placed in a small way

the door must be clean and solid

the door of the house is not only an important decoration to ensure the stability of the home, but also the face of home feng shui. If the door is bad or quite dirty, it is difficult to have a colorful Feng Shui environment at home. We should know that most of the air flows into the house through the gate, so the shape of the gate must meet the requirements of home feng shui, that is, it is mainly rectangular. Secondly, we should ensure that the gate is clean and free from any dirt

old pots and pans should be thrown away

after decoration, a new set of tableware and cooking utensils must be placed in the kitchen. Because these kitchen utensils represent the stove fire, in case of damaged or old tableware, it may lead to poor stove fire, poor financial luck, and even bad luck and bad spirit, affecting the health of the family

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