Which Feng Shui furnishings are unfavorable to Wenchang

Wenchang seat should be quiet, not for the toilet, kitchen, stereo and the machine that can make a sound should not be placed on Wenchang seat, otherwise the children in the family do not like reading, fail in the exam, the career of adults is not smooth, the promotion is blocked, and it is not conducive to reputation. In addition:

① the desk should not face the window. Every study should have windows, because the rooms with windows have ideal air and light, so of course, the study should have windows. But please note that the window of the study should not face the desk, because the desk ” Looking at the sky ” ; In ” Genealogy ” ; It’s not appropriate for me. Feng Shui aside, as far as the environment is concerned, with the desk facing the window, people are easily attracted by the scenery outside the window and are difficult to concentrate on their work, which has a particularly serious impact on teenagers who have not yet been determined. Therefore, in order to improve their attention when studying, parents should avoid facing their desks to the window

② the desk should not be placed in the middle palace. The desk can’t be placed in the middle of the room, because it’s a square and helpless space. It’s helpless in front, back, left and right. It symbolizes that the master is lonely in his studies and career, and it’s difficult to develop

③ the desk is open and broad. There should be as much space in front of the desk as possible, and the bright hall facing should be broad. Some people think that the general study is not spacious. How can there be a Mingtang? In fact, taking the door as the direction and facing the outside can become a bright hall. In this way, the future is spacious and easy to accept gas into the Bureau. The user has a quick mind, broad and unimpeded, and can become a great weapon. In addition, you can also sit with the front window. Taking the wide space outside the window as the Ming hall, you can not only enjoy the external landscape to nourish your eyes, but also receive better effects. However, the window should not be directly facing the flagpole or electric pole, chimney, etc. if it is unavoidable to face these disadvantages, a square Paperweight can be placed on the desk to resolve them

the desk should be placed on the left side by the window to let the light come in from the left side. In case this direction is back to the study door, it is not good. It should be adjusted to face the door or side to the door

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