Key points of Feng Shui in the layout of home gods in 2020

1. The household deity should be relied on

in Feng Shui, everything pays attention to having a backer and dependence. In fact, the layout of the household deity is also very dependent, and the deity must be relied on. The God position in the home is best placed against the wall to create a stable Feng Shui environment and increase the fortune of the house

2. Household deities should not be placed under the beam

the top pressing of the beam is a Feng Shui taboo. Sofas and beds cannot be placed under the beam, and deities cannot be placed under the beam, otherwise it also violates the Feng Shui taboo. There is a great evil spirit under the beam. If you put the God’s throne in this position, it will directly rush at the God’s throne, which is disrespectful to your ancestors. At the same time, it will destroy the family fortune and bring a very bad impact. We must avoid it

3. Household deities cannot be moved at will

once the location of household deities is determined and placed, they cannot be moved at will. The location suitable for placing deities must be consistent with the aura of gods. Random movement destroys the original peaceful atmosphere. In addition, it also disturbs the disrespect of gods to gods, which will bring a series of bad effects

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