Six taboos of door and window layout

1. The air port orientation must avoid the pollution source. The direction of the door air window must avoid the polluted areas of public toilets, chimneys, garbage dumps, coal yards, highways and other gas farms, so as to avoid the trouble of harmful gases in the household gas farm

2. It is beneficial to open the air port, and it is forbidden to block the window. No matter the doors and windows, there should be no barrier in front. The more open the front edge of the external doors and windows, the better, so as to facilitate the smooth air. If the air passage of the window is blocked by the adjacent wall, you’d rather close it than pollute the environment

3. The living room is afraid of the north wind and the bedroom is afraid of the west sun. The bedroom environment needs constant temperature, but the hot sun and light of the west window often penetrate the window and affect the room temperature; The living room has a large area and needs to be ventilated. If it is the North window, it is equally uncomfortable to open the window in winter

4. Doors and windows, windows and windows must not be in line. Because of this pattern, it is easy to aggravate the convection rate of the air and affect the stability of the air field in the home. The ancients have summarized this: people and money are empty before and after

5. The hall windows should be bright and the bedroom windows should not be too many. The hall needs to be magnificent. If the windows are not bright, they will not only feel uncomfortable, but also affect their career; The nature of the bedroom is earthy, quiet is appropriate, and many windows will affect the bedroom atmosphere

6. The kitchen and toilet must have external windows. The kitchen and toilet is the main area of the polluted gas field in the home. There must be external windows to help dredge the air flow, and the exhaust function can be considered perfect

therefore, Feng Shui in the living room can not be ignored. It is the core of your home. You must pay attention to relevant problems when decorating, so as to avoid evil, seek good fortune, ensure health and peace, and prosper in wealth

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