How to decorate the bedroom

Good geomantic omen connects good luck. The quality of bedroom geomantic omen is related to the relationship between husband and wife, family harmony, wealth and official fortune, health and so on. If the bedroom layout is proper, the Qi can be vivid, the husband and wife’s life is harmonious and sweet, enjoyable and healthy; If the layout is improper, they will commit aggression and taboo, the light ones will be in low spirits, and the husband and wife life will be monotonous, which will affect the relationship between husband and wife. Therefore, for modern families that pay attention to the quality of life at home, we should carefully consider the size of the bedroom, auspicious orientation, health pattern and other factors

  1. bedroom size

modern society is rich in materials. More and more people will choose a large bedroom. But big is not necessarily a good thing. As the saying goes, ” You don’t need to be big with elegant rooms. You don’t need many flowers, The bedroom area is usually no more than 15 square meters. In the Imperial Palace in Beijing, the bedroom of Emperor Yongzheng is only 10 square meters. Because the bedroom is too large, it is not conducive to protecting people’s Yang and preserving people’s vitality. If the bedroom is too large, it is easy to breathe in, which will reduce people’s physical quality and hinder their financial luck

in addition, the bedroom is also called ” Mr. Fang is small, It is difficult to accumulate wind and gas” Gas ” ; This thing is invisible, but it does exist. When people rest and sleep, all physiological indexes have dropped to the lowest point, and the ability of self-protection has also dropped to the lowest point. When the house can’t hide wind and gather Qi, it is easy to consume people’s vitality and be vulnerable to evil Qi. The soul can’t be well nourished, which can’t guarantee the quality of sleep and affect human health

in addition, there are large and small bedrooms in the bedroom, so the large bedroom should be the master bedroom and the relatively small guest bedroom or children’s room. If a small bedroom is used as the master bedroom, it will be very inconvenient for the master’s life, and there is a suspicion of regardless of primary and secondary, making noise and seizing the master

  2. auspicious orientation of bedroom

generally, the auspicious orientation of bedroom is as follows: the bedroom most conducive to adults is located in the southwest and northwest of the residence. These two orientations can improve people’s maturity and sense of responsibility, and can be more easily respected by others in work and life; The bedroom in the north of the house is relatively calm, which is particularly effective for insomnia; The bedroom located in the west of the house is particularly conducive to promoting the couple’s feelings and improving the quality of their life; The east or southeast of the house is good for young people who have just entered society

the most basic principle of bedroom planning and design is to choose your own location. If it is a husband and wife room, the auspicious position of Mr. is abundant. If you choose the right direction, you can improve the quality of sleep, your body will be healthy and your mood will be happy. If the orientation is not good, it will make people in a trance, unable to concentrate, and the body, study and career will go from bad to worse. Also note that the bedroom must be kept clean and bright. If there are too many things in the bedroom, clothes are everywhere, and books and magazines are placed randomly, feng shui will also be affected

  3. healthy pattern of bedroom

if it is a duplex or villa house type, it should be noted that the bedroom should not be located below the toilet or above the garage, and the reconstructed balcony should not be designed as a bedroom. The shape of the bedroom is best square and not long and narrow, which is conducive to ventilation. The bedroom door cannot be directly facing the kitchen door, and its hot and humid gas should be prevented from convection with the air flow in the bedroom. The door cannot face the toilet directly, because the foul air and water vapor of the toilet can easily spread to the bedroom, and the bedroom is mostly hygroscopic cotton products, which will make the environment more humid. The bedroom door should not be opposite, which is called ” Scold each other ” , It will lead to more quarrels at home. The wall cabinet in the bedroom or the large cabinet across the whole wall should be able to store all clothes, which helps the bedroom to be neat and orderly, in line with ” Hide in secret ” ; The principle of

too many circles should not be selected for the walls and furniture of the bedroom. Ancient Feng Shui believed that square represents stability. From a psychological point of view, square is more stable than circle. Feng Shui believes that the circular Master ” Move ” , If the bedroom is mainly round, it gives people a feeling of instability and restlessness, which is particularly unfavorable to mental health

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