How about a bathroom in the bedroom

Modern families often arrange the bathroom space in the master bedroom. Although it is convenient and fashionable, it is not a good design from the perspective of living environment. Most bathroom rooms have two functions: bathing and excretion. Even if there are high-quality toilets and perfect bathing facilities in the bathroom, the function of the bathroom has not changed. Water is often used in the bathroom, which will produce a lot of moisture. We have such experience that when we take a bath in winter, we will find that the bathroom is foggy. The moisture here can easily enter the bedroom and make the bedding moist. If you sleep on a wet mattress for a long time, you will be prone to fatigue, back pain and serious diseases

therefore, we must pay attention to the use of various design means to do a good job in the waterproof and dry wet separation treatment of the bathroom. Place the bed away from the bathroom, not facing the door of the bathroom. If the master bedroom has enough space, you can put a screen at the door of the bathroom and close the door when you don’t use the bathroom as much as possible. You can also put two pots of clay foliage plants in the bathroom, which can absorb some moisture and make the bathroom dry. The goal of these methods is to minimize the entry of moisture from the bathroom into the bedroom

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