Kitchen stove facing Feng Shui Raiders

The stove is the most important place in the kitchen. How the feng shui of the stove is related to the feng shui of the kitchen and our fortune. Therefore, if you want to have a good feng shui of the kitchen and a good fortune, you can’t ignore the feng shui of the stove in the kitchen. What are the complete strategies of the kitchen stove towards Feng Shui in Feng Shui? Let’s see what the relevant articles say

there is a popular formula in Feng Shui: ” There are three main points in a public house: door, room and stove” ; It means that the most important Feng Shui in a house is the door, room and stove. Anzao focuses on the direction of the stove. In modern times, gas stoves and electric rice cookers are mostly used. Mr. Feng Shui believes that gas stoves and electric rice cookers are oriented by the side of the ignition switch or button

1. The position of the stove can not be opposed to the divine position. In the feng shui of the stove, disrespect for the gods is a big taboo, which will make the family sick, have the disaster of blood red and easy to produce right and wrong, lose money and so on

2. Avoid kitchen stoves and direct contact with the door. In the traditional Chinese feng shui knowledge concept, kitchen stoves are considered to be a place for cooking food and supporting life, so they should not be led by the door

4. Not close to the bedroom

not close to the bedroom: the stove is hot, and the oil smoke generated during frying is not suitable for the human body, so it is unlucky for the stove to face the main door, especially the bedroom

5. Leaning against the wall

in stove Feng Shui, the stove is placed close to the wall as a good position, which has a symbol of backing, which is beneficial to the luck and health of his family

as the foundation of health, the stove is human food and the source of life. If a good stove is placed in the Feng Shui direction, it will improve the fortune of the whole family; On the contrary, it will cause restlessness in the house and affect physical and mental health, so we must be careful

6. The kitchen stove should not be too close to the toilet

the kitchen stove is fire, while the toilet is water. According to popular life, water and fire are not allowed, and water and fire are mutually exclusive. Therefore, in this five element Feng Shui, the kitchen stove cannot rely on the toilet. Moreover, the toilet is the place that produces the most filthy gas in the whole house. The kitchen is the place we use to cook food. Naturally, we can’t let this filthy gas enter the kitchen. Moreover, the cold place such as the toilet can’t face the kitchen stove, otherwise it will collide with the kitchen king in the kitchen stove. In this way, the family’s luck will be very bad in a year and everything will be bad, so in this regard, The kitchen stove cannot be close to or face the toilet

the stove is the first place in the kitchen. It has always been of great significance and influence in Feng Shui and kitchen. Therefore, smart people will pay attention to the feng shui of the stove. In addition, the orientation of the stove towards Feng Shui naturally has different meanings and effects. What are the strategies for the orientation of the kitchen stove towards Feng Shui? Let’s see what the relevant articles say

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