What color does the study use to meet the requirements of Feng Shui

When choosing the color of the study, we should pay attention to the close relationship between the color of the room and the five elements of the residents. If the color matching can be carried out in accordance with the law of the five elements, it will not only meet the requirements of Feng Shui, but also create a warm study environment

in the five elements, cyan and green belong to wood, red, purple and pink belong to fire, yellow and coffee belong to soil, white, gray and metallic belong to gold, and black belongs to water. However, when we decorate the study, we should remember to use bright red, green or colorful mixed combinations, and it is best to select the representative colors of the five elements, and then match them according to the principles of wood-based fire, fire-based soil, native gold, gold-based water and aquatic wood

for example, the floor of the study uses a dark red solid wood floor, which belongs to fire in the five elements, so the wall of the study should be matched with light yellow, and the white belonging to gold should be selected for ceiling treatment, which is just in line with the principle of native gold. Setting the study in the north of water is actually an ideal choice, and when decorating the study, you can also choose colors such as white, sky blue and green, which can not only improve the effect of study and work, but also improve your luck

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