What should we pay attention to in the Feng Shui layout of the restaurant

When arranging the indoor restaurant, we should pay attention to the principle of Feng Shui. As far as the direction of the restaurant itself is concerned, it is best to set it in the southeast. In this way, the family’s appetite will increase greatly under sufficient sunshine. If the refrigerator is placed in the restaurant, try to choose the direction facing north. In addition, there should be no right angle things on the table, such as triangles. The height of the dining chair should be moderate to meet the specific needs of the family. It is inappropriate to be too high or too short, which will affect the health of the family

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what should be paid attention to in the Feng Shui layout of the restaurant :

(1) the restaurant should not be in the kitchen and should be separated

(2) the dining table should be round and oval. If square is used, the corner of the table should not be at right angles

(3) the dining table should not face the toilet door

(4) the restaurant should not be at the entrance

(5) do not press the beam on the dining table

(6) the light in the restaurant should be soft

(P) do not stack the leftovers after use up

(8) the size of the dining table should match the number of people, not too large or too small

(9) the dining table and chair are damaged and should be replaced with new ones

if you want to increase the Yang of the house, you should also pay attention to setting up restaurants. Because most of the energy of the human body comes from the food, the restaurant as the eating area is naturally closely related to the wealth of the family. When we decorate the house, we should try to give priority to the simple and elegant, bright and light colors. It is best to choose white, light yellow and light orange, and appropriately increase the lighting of the restaurant, so as not to reflect and be too dazzling. This will increase the fire energy

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