What kind of windows can increase home transportation

When choosing a house, don’t forget to check the tightness of the windows, which is also closely related to house transportation. The window is the air outlet of a house. Anger and luck flow into the window from the outside, and turbidity and foul gas flow out of the window from the inside. However, Feng Shui pays attention to circulation and gathering. If there is only communication but no gathering, how can wealth be accumulated and how can house transportation be stable? Windows have good ventilation conditions, which can exhale the old and absorb the new. Only with good tightness can they store wind and gather gas

otherwise, it’s like your piggy bank is open ” mdash; It’s a crack. I’ll miss some money today and tomorrow, but I don’t know yet. In addition, the sealing performance of the window is also related to the health of the family, especially the bedroom window

windows should be closed when sleeping in winter, and windows with poor sealing performance will be attacked by cold wind even if they are closed. For a long time, it is particularly bad for women, which is easy to cause irregular menstruation and serious gynecological diseases. Therefore, if you can’t close the windows at home, you must pay attention and repair them as soon as possible

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