The faucet in the toilet has an impact on wealth

In home feng shui, many insignificant things will have a great impact on residential Feng Shui. Therefore, we must ensure the Feng Shui aura of every thing in the room, otherwise it will affect our own luck and be very unfavorable to our family

what we want to talk about here is the feng shui of the faucet in the bathroom. The bathroom itself is a place that many people don’t care about, not to mention the faucet? But in fact, the faucet in the bathroom is very important for the family’s fortune, and it affects the family’s wealth, so we have to pay attention to it

does the faucet in the bathroom have an impact on wealth

why is the faucet related to financial luck

in Feng Shui, the toilet is considered as the lower water level. The five elements belong to water, and water is the master of wealth. Therefore, the toilet itself has a certain wealth, which is only covered up by its filthy gas, so it is not very obvious. The wealth in the toilet mainly comes from the faucet, because the five elements of the faucet belong to water, which is the main source of water and gas in the home, so the faucet has a great impact on the wealth in the house

how to avoid the damage of faucet wealth

to avoid the financial damage of the faucet, we must ensure that the Feng Shui layout in the toilet will not have problems. For example, when the faucet is facing the bathroom door, it is unfavorable to the wealth of the faucet. This is mainly because the gas field of the faucet is dispersed by the gas field of the door, so the wealth cannot be condensed. In addition, when the faucet is facing or close to the toilet, it will also be unfavorable to wealth. This is mainly because the wealth of the faucet is infected by the filthy gas in the toilet, so the wealth is not good

therefore, we have to pay attention to the Feng Shui problem of the faucet, otherwise it will greatly affect the wealth of our family

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