What’s particular about the shape of the bedroom in Feng Shui

From the perspective of Feng Shui, the shape of the bedroom is square. The overall shape of the house and the living room need square, because square is the most stable and stable shape. A good bedroom needs to be designed into a square for a more special reason. Because the bedroom is a place for families to sleep and rest, what they need most is quiet

in feng shui theory, square represents quiet and is the most suitable shape for sleeping and resting. From the perspective of the relationship between yin and Yang, day is Yang and night is Yin; The sky is Yang and the earth is Yin; Round is Yang, square is Yin. People spend most of their time in the bedroom at night. They need Yin Qi coordinated with it in order to sleep more at ease. And the square bedroom gives people a sense of square, more security, and naturally sleep better

if it is a rectangular bedroom, it will often feel cramped, resulting in mental tension. Irregular bedroom gas field is unbalanced, which will affect the quality of sleep. A bedroom with a sharp corner is the worst, ” Fire shaped evil spirit ” ; It is more aggressive and harmful to people in their sleep. We must find ways to resolve it

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