What color is the best for the study wall

The study needs a quiet and peaceful environment, which is conducive to the owner’s physical and mental pleasure and easier to absorb knowledge. Therefore, the wall material of the study is best to use the material with sound insulation or sound absorption function, because the material with sound insulation or sound absorption function can block or eliminate a large amount of noise, so as to make the study have a relatively quiet environment. The wall materials with sound insulation or absorption function generally use wallpaper or flexible board

the walls of the study are suitable for placing calligraphy and paintings, but not too many. Usually one or two are more suitable. The calligraphy and painting of the study should be consistent with the atmosphere of the study, such as some elegant words and literati paintings, and elegant and calm oil paintings are also suitable to be placed in the study. Avoid wild grass, dark and bleak paintings and abstract paintings with bright colors. They can make people feel irritable, excited or depressed, which is not conducive to work or study

keeping quiet is the biggest feature of the study. Therefore, even for the ground, it is best to use wooden floors and carpets with sound insulation or sound absorption effect. Its materials are similar to those used for walls. The materials used in both places should have sound insulation or sound absorption effect. However, the carpet should not be too thick and soft. It is better to be thin and soft. Thick and soft is easy to make people lazy

the color of the study should be matched according to each person’s different fortune telling and different house phases of each house. Generally speaking, the color of the study should be mainly light green. This is mainly because Wenchang star belongs to wood, so the color of wood should be adopted, that is, green, which will help prosper Wenchang star. In addition, regardless of Feng Shui, in terms of physical hygiene alone, green has a protective effect on eye vision, which is very suitable for eyes who are tired of reading; Eye nourishing ” ; Function

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