Feng shui knowledge of shoe placement

Although clothes are one of the indispensable things in our life, with the improvement of our material conditions, one thing has occupied the hearts of many girls, and even exceeded the position of clothes in girls’ hearts. Clothes can be casual, but it must be paid attention to. These are shoes. High heel, middle heel, low heel, bandage, fish mouth, round head, square head ” hellip” hellip; Every kind of shoes represents a kind of personality. If you match the right shoes, you can really succeed in dressing up all day

but do girls know? Shoes are not only related to our beauty and temperament, but also to our luck. There are many explanations about the dream of shoes in Duke Zhou’s dream:

the slave and maid of the owner of boots and shoes get lucky, and the slave and maid of the owner of shoes lose their shoes escape,

the owner of shoes and straps is fierce, the shoes are broken, and the children’s wives and concubines are ill,

wearing hemp shoes, Pepsi harmony, newly awarded the son of the Lord of officials and barons,

begged the help of the owner of shoes and shoes, and the wooden shoes were out of trouble when they were taken off

it can be seen that the ancients believed that shoes had a great relationship with our fortune. So what kind of connection is this? We might as well take a look at how to wear shoes, so that the aura of shoes can help our own aura and achieve accessibility

shoes should be comfortable

needless to say, many mm also know. But when they do it, they often sacrifice comfort for beauty. Just like Cinderella’s sisters, they cut their feet to fit their shoes and squeeze their feet everywhere. It is beautiful to do so, but it is harmful to our luck. According to philology, plump toes, high arch and big feet are all signs of good luck, and girls don’t hesitate to use small shoes to strangle their feet for beauty, which will not only make us feel uneasy because of foot pain, but also destroy our original good luck

shoes are a symbol of marriage. If shoes make our feet uncomfortable, they may also have a bad impact on marriage. Therefore, no matter whether the shoes are high heels, low heels or sneakers, the biggest principle is not to wrong our feet

don’t wear other people’s old shoes

China has described some women with bad style as ” Broken shoes ” ; This is a very humorous metaphor, which is also inseparable from China’s understanding of Feng Shui and philology. As mentioned above, shoes symbolize marriage. What does it mean to wear shoes worn by others? And in terms of hygiene, it is also very unhealthy and easy to infect foot diseases. Even your own old shoes should be cautious. If you keep a pair of shoes for more than ten years, either collect them or throw them away. Don’t wear them again, it may attract rotten peach blossoms

do not break the shoelace

if the shoelace on the shoe is broken, it must be replaced in time, otherwise it is easy to fall when walking. Now many mm pursue fashion and like to tie shoelaces of different colors. At this time, we should pay attention to that it’s best not to use different shoelaces, otherwise it will make us do things upside down. If the colors of the two shoelaces are opposite, it will greatly affect our luck. Just think, everything starts with one step. If we can’t walk together on two legs, how can life go smoothly? And shoes with shoelaces, do not try to save trouble. If you don’t tie them properly, or never untie them. When you pull out heels and wear them, it will have a bad impact on our emotional life

pay attention to the placement of shoes

many girls are very tired when they come home from work one day. They drag their shoes to the sofa and fall down for breath. They kick their shoes with their feet. They don’t know where they kick. They don’t clean up their shoes when they breathe. They go directly to do other things. This situation is too common today, but it is actually a very bad habit. In terms of Feng Shui, shoes are best placed near the gate. Shoes running outside every day are not only contaminated with a lot of dust, but also contaminated with all kinds of five elements of the outside world. If they are placed disorderly in a clean and tidy place at home, it is easy to disturb the original gas field at home. If the gas field is disordered, the owner’s journey will be disordered, which is not conducive to the owner. So be sure to form the habit of taking off your shoes before entering the house. Pick up your shoes on the shoe shelf at will. With a few seconds of effort, you will avoid damage to your luck

the shoe cabinet should not be too high

now some family environments are very good, and the hostesses love to buy shoes, they will set up a dressing room at home, with a high shoe cabinet on one wall, which is specially used to put shoes

but from the five elements of Feng Shui, shoes belong to soil, and we need to be down-to-earth to be smooth. When shoes are placed too high, especially when they are higher than people, it is putting the cart before the horse. Feng Shui is extremely important. The owner is easy to twist his feet or fall, which also has a bad impact on the development of his career. The most suitable height of the shoe cabinet is five floors, which means the balance of five elements

the toe should be placed towards the wall

this is also a small matter of lifting a hand. If the toe is facing outward, it is easy to form a fire, which is very bad. Now girls like to wear shoes with sharp toe, and they need to put the toe towards the wall

observing a girl’s choice of shoes can also judge her character to a certain extent. Many women like to wear high heels, which can lengthen people’s body shape and perfect the proportion of people. Girls who like to wear high heels are more enterprising, romantic and charming, with mature psychology, strict requirements for themselves and high requirements for others. There will also be a wayward side, but it is usually better to hide it

some girls love to buy high heels, but they usually like to wear flat shoes. She may not like high heels because they are too comfortable for her. If it is the latter, then she may be a low-key passionate school. She usually seems comfortable and casual and doesn’t like to attract attention, but there is a lot of passion and energy hidden in her heart, which belongs to the sultry type. If they suddenly do something that shocked you, don’t make a fuss. It’s just a small release of her inner energy

girls who like flat shoes are more down-to-earth and pursue down-to-earth success. They may be old-fashioned or easy-going, but in essence, they are not the type to get along with

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