How to decorate the living room feng shui best

Feng Shui in the living room is very important, so we must pay attention to the taboos and solutions of Feng Shui in the living room in the process of decoration

① living room porch Feng Shui: the porch is a channel connected with the outside, just like a person’s throat. It is very important for family Feng Shui. Therefore, it should not be messy. Some owners do not set up the porch in order to save space, or use the porch as a warehouse and pile up some sundries that are temporarily put aside, which will not only affect the cleanliness but also be conducive to household Feng Shui. The solution is to keep the porch as clean and tidy as possible, and finally place the porch platform and porch mirror to make effective use of the space, which can also play the role of storage

② placing Feng Shui on the sofa in the living room: the sofa is the focus of a family’s daily life and leisure. It’s best to put it in the auspicious position, so that all children and old can touch ” Invigorating Qi ” ;; If the sofa is placed in an unlucky position, it will have an adverse impact on the fortunes of the family. According to the acquired eight trigrams principle of the book of changes, the house can be divided into the East four houses and the West four houses according to different sitting directions. Among them, zhenzhai, Xun house, Lizhai and Kan house are the East four houses, while Kun house, Duzhai, qianzhai and Gen house are the West four houses. For the East four houses, the sofa should be placed in the four auspicious directions of the East, Southeast, South and north of the room. For the West four houses, the sofa should be placed in the four auspicious directions of the west, southwest, northwest and northeast of the room

③ Feng Shui furnishings in the living room: the furnishings of the living room mainly depend on the lifestyle and aesthetics of the residents

the display of any Feng Shui mascot should be based on the eight desires of life and the orientation of personal fortune telling. The living room plants are very good for Feng Shui. You can choose some green plants to place in the living room or balcony. Green represents vitality and vitality, which can purify the air and keep the indoor air fresh; In addition, the living room can also display some Feng Shui furnishings, such as golden toads for fortune, fortune mongers and unicorns for giving away children, which can ward off evil spirits and fortune

④ color and Feng Shui of the living room: due north, business luck, black and blue: check the layout of the due north of the living room. Due north represents business transportation. It belongs to water travel. It likes to use blue or black. Placing items belonging to water in this position is helpful to the career of residents, such as fish tanks, landscape paintings, water tankers, etc. Or black metal ornaments can also be placed, because gold can produce water

due south, fame and fortune, red: a good layout of Feng Shui in due south will bring fame and affirmation to families, especially the parents in charge of livelihood. Due to the fire line in the south, the favorite color is red. Suitable for hanging pictures of Phoenix, flamingo or sunrise. Red carpets or red wooden decorations (because wood can make a fire) are also suitable. The installation of lighting lamps in this direction can increase reputation and fortune. If you must put a mirror in this position, be sure to put a small mirror, because the mirror belongs to water, and the water will put out the fire, which is bad for fame and fortune

due east, healthy and green; Due east orientation is related to the health of residents. Placing lush plants in this area can promote the health and longevity of families. Water objects or landscape paintings are also helpful because water can support trees

the sofa in the living room is mainly decorated to welcome guests. You can’t sit behind the door, which is easy to commit villains

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