Feng Shui taboo on living room decoration

In Feng Shui, decoration Feng Shui also occupies an important position. Do you know what Feng Shui is about the decoration design of the living room? Let’s take a look at the following articles

house living room decoration design Feng Shui

decoration Feng Shui on the living room

1. Location the living room is a place shared by families and should be located in the center of the house; If because the living room is spacious and separated by a part of the bedroom, it is the most unsatisfactory living room

2. The number of sofa sets in the living room cannot be repeated. It is most forbidden to use one and a half sets, or the combination of two groups of sofas with one side and one circle. There are fish pots in the living room; Air connection ” ; The function of makes the room more vibrant, and the colorful singular is better for fish species

3. The best position of wealth position is the diagonal position of the entrance. Avoid columns and recesses here; If there are windows, they can be covered with curtains, so that wealth will not leak out; If this is just a passage, a screen can be placed, which can not only avoid the embarrassment of penetration, but also shape a good financial position; Placing wealth position with lush bonsai can make the fortune better. It is advisable to choose green plants with large and round leaves

4. The moving line of the living room should be the most open, and the vision can be seen through at a glance. The door and back door of the room should not be seen at the entrance, otherwise there will be ” In front and out back, you can’t gather money ” ; Suffering from; The walkway shall also avoid penetrating the whole room vertically or horizontally

5. The beam column hall should avoid the obstruction of the beam, and the structure can be decorated into various beautiful shapes. For example, the traditional arch, the extension of the ceiling, painting, etc. can also be simply divided into two areas

the living room of a dry house must be bright. Try to use a large number of white system colors to make the residents smart and elegant. If the dark color is more than half of the four sides, it will make the residents stupid and more unfavorable to men. The living room of the house should be bright and suitable, but it should not be too bright, that is, the white tone should not be more than three-quarters or three of the total area, facing the large window, otherwise the family may be in power by a woman, and it is afraid of the potential crisis of hurting her husband or man. The living room of Gen house should not be too wide. It is better to use white, earthy yellow and coffee. The living room away from the house should not leave too much useless space, otherwise it is easy to attract fire disasters and lawsuits. The living room of Kan house should adopt quiet and cold colors, not too bright, otherwise it will be bad for money. The living room of Kun house should be equipped with many equipment. The furniture is made of heavy materials and adopts yellow or log color system. Narrow furniture is the most taboo. The living room of Xun house should be shallow and wide. It can use more green systems, and more flowers and trees are the best decoration. The living room of Zhonggong residence can be set freely, but the Yellow system must be used to unify the whole room

what should we pay attention to when decorating the living room?

1. Don’t try to be cheap when buying wires and water pipes

wires and water pipes are also a big expense in the decoration of the whole house. Some wage earners have the idea of saving money in this expenditure. They often don’t pay much attention to quality, but only price. This is a major mistake. If the quality of wire and water pipe is not up to standard, it will bring great potential safety hazards after decoration. Therefore, when buying wires and water pipes, the working class should not lower the standard, but should buy high-quality wires and water pipes to ensure safety

2. Floor tiles should not be low-grade

in home decoration, floor tiles are a large expenditure with great scalability. The high price of floor tiles is hundreds of yuan, and the low price is only a few yuan. In order to save money, many wage earners are not willing to spend money on high-grade floor tiles

in fact, it was a big mistake. First of all, floor tiles are easily worn parts. If they are too cheap, they will not be wear-resistant. Over time, floor tiles will be stamped with traces. Secondly, too cheap floor tiles are not anti-skid and are easy to slip, causing accidental injury. Therefore, when buying floor tiles, they should be at least medium-sized or above

3. The living room space should not be narrow

the design of the living room is very important to create a spacious feeling. No matter whether the fixed space is large or small, we should pay attention to this in interior design. Spacious feeling can bring relaxed mood and happy mood

4. The living room should not be low.

the living room is the most important public activity space in the home. Whether you do artificial ceiling or not, you must ensure the height of the space. This height means that the living room should be the one with the largest clear height in the home (except the staircase). This maximization includes the use of various optical illusion processing

5. The landscape of the living room should not be messy

in the interior design, we must ensure the beauty of the living room seen from that angle, which also includes the optimization of the outdoor landscape yearned for by the main viewpoint (sofa). The decoration of the living room should be the most beautiful or personalized one in the whole room

taboos related to Feng Shui in the decoration of the living room

I. orientation

the living room should preferably be located in the front half of the house close to the door, so as to directly absorb the air from the door. If you have to go through a corridor to reach the living room, the corridor must be kept clean and well lit so as not to hinder the living room. In case of mezzanine house design, the living room should be located on the first floor

II. Pattern

the pattern of the living room should be square or rectangular. The seat area should not rush to the corner of the room, and the sofa should not press the beam. If a hidden arrow is released from a prominent corner, it can be dissolved by furnishing bonsai or furniture. If the living room is L-shaped, it can be divided into two square areas with furniture and regarded as two independent rooms. For example, you can use one area as a reception room and another area as a living room. Or hang a mirror on the wall, symbolically make up the missing corner, and then decide the center as a complete room

III. adjust home decoration

sharp objects, such as swords, firearms, medals and animal specimens, should not be hung on the wall. Because these items will produce Yin Qi, leading to quarrel or violence. Similarly, table lamps or decorations with mausoleum corners should be avoided

IV. Feng Shui furnishings

the furnishings of the living room mainly depend on the lifestyle and aesthetics of the residents. The decoration of any Feng Shui mascot should be based on the eight desires of life and the orientation of personal fortune telling. It is best to consult a professional Feng Shui teacher

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